Dragon's College Football Picks

Gonna keep this short because I’m on the road but I’ll update as the weekend progress

Ole Miss-2 vs Miss. ST Under 63
Had this last night missed the spread but hit the under.

Baylor vs Texas over 55.5
Two teams with good ground games. And I like how the Longhorns are rolling.

Cincinnati vs Tulane PK natie
This line was Bearcats +1 an hour ago (10:30am fri) it’s moving but I want in. NY6 game on the line

Arkansas-3 vs Mizzu

Michigan +8 small bet on straight up

Oregon -3 vs Or. State


Tossing in a few more for tomorrow.

UK-3 vs Louisville
I mean it’s not basketball but screw Louisville.

Clemson -14.5 vs South Carolina
Clemson still has an outside shot at the CFP meanwhile South Carolina had their game of the year last week. No way lightning strikes twice right?

UGA vs. Georgia Tech over 49
GT is light yrs better than they were when the Hoos beat them a month ago. More importantly UGa is on a mission the O/U is just too low.


I like that UK game which automatically puts a jinx on it

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What is this FSU doing with the hook slides on the goaline ?

I’m taking Clemson to roll.


A lot of dogs covered the spread the last two days. Love it! My picks expect more of the same today.

good news for Dragon and HGN, I slightly favor South Carolina plus the points, but frankly, I wouldn’t touch the game. Both teams are too erratic for my tastes.

I also like Oregon State getting a few points at home against Oregon.

Among games Dragon doesn’t mention:

  • Pitt hasn’t been great on the road this year, but I love them -6.5 against Miami.
  • I really like Minnesota getting 3.5 points against Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s offense has been anemic against the better defenses it has played this year (Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska). I think they lose this one outright.
  • I like Iowa St. and its stout defense +10 against a TCU team that has made a habit of winning but not impressively. Of its last 9 games, only one was a victory by more than 10 points (although several were exactly 10)
  • I like Notre Dame +5.5 against Southern Cal
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Love those picks I really wanted to play with that ND game. Them and FSU 2 of the best kept secrets in football this yr.

You’re looking spot on about Clemson.

Michigan might make my day.

Few things feel better than watching OSU lose


Crazy how they keep saying the Michigan center is the best in the country and he was at UVA last year


Had the same thought. He did have a hslluva game

Oh my! Oregon is trying to blow this.

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Not trying they did. The cover is gone now they’re holding on just to hope to win

And just like that Or blew it. Twice today I watched picks drop double digit second half leads

Nebraska gave Rhule an 8 yr deal? Madness

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So painful. The pick is fine, but momentum is real.

And Oregon really didn’t help themselves. Botched punt. Strange bounce on kickoff. Fourth down gamble deep in their own end.

There are certainly games where I luck out and probably it evens out. Even so, the bad beats are hard to forget.

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Yup its the stuff that keeps you coming back.

That kickoff was so bizzare ball just bounced straight up Beavers couldn’t have planned it better.