Dragon's Week 6 College Football Picks

Here we are in week 6 of what is a quickly evolving college football season. Last week I broke even going and hitting with two dogs. I’ll take that. The Hoos also got a cover with a solid showing against Clemson. Everyone goes home happy.

Record: 7-9

Louisville -5 vs. Georgia Tech:: I took GT against FSU to open the season, and figured they would struggle the next week against UCF which they did. What I did not predict was they would also struggle against Syracuse, and UCF would get boat raced by Tulsa at home. All that means, I may have prematurely predicted the Rambin’ Wreck making the jump. With Malik Cunningham taking snaps I like the Cardinals to cruise to an easy cover. UofL -5

Kentucky -3 vs. Miss St.:Last week the Mike Leach led offense of the Bulldogs fell flat on its face. I’m not one to gloat, but honestly what I saw last weekend against Arkansas looking like the KJ Costello I remember at Stanford. The Wildcast may be the unluckiest 0-2 team in football. Missed extra points, guys fumbling on the goal line things have not gone well in Lexington, but Stoops and his teams tend to fight off adversity well. I like them to pick up the victory here. UK -3

UNC Charlotte -3 vs. North TexasUNC Charlotte is 0-2 on the stat sheet, but they have been cover city so far this season. Not great for Coach Healy and his boys, but great for gamblers. This is one of those games that throwing a few bucks down on it gives you a reason to watch. I like the 49’ers to keep their cover streak alive. UNCC - 3

Florida - 6.5 vs. Texas A&M: Florida tripped me up last week not being able to cover the big spread against the Gamecocks. Tomorrow, they have a much more manageable line against the Aggies. So far this season, the Aggies have been turnover prone on offense, and average on defense. That’s a bad combination against a Florida team that is finding a groove on offense. A&M needs to hold onto the ball and keep the Gators offense off the field as much as possible. They do not want to find themselves in a shootout with Florida. Jimbo has struggles in these big games and the trend will continue. I like Florida to cover. UofF -6.5

Alabama vs. Ole Miss the over: One of my new rules for this season is to avoid double digit favorites against conference appoints. I’m 0-3 with that so far. Sure Bama could cover the 23.5 here, but I’m not sure of that. What I am sure of is Lane will have the Rebels slinging the ball all over the field in an effort to showup his old boss. The winner of this game will be fans of offense. Take the over 69.5

Virginia -7.5 vs. NC State: This line feels about right. The Hoos have had a very efficient offense this season. The balanced attack between the run and passing game is enough to wobble most opponents. NC State is currently sitting at the bottom of the ACC in rush defense. If there was ever a time to give out a healthy dose of W-Top and Sugar Shane, this would be the game. The biggest key will be how Armstrong starts the game. He seems to require a quarter to get into the rhythm of things. The Hoos can’t keep experiences those slow starts. NC State has enough firepower that they could post an intimidating lead early and muddy things up transforming this into a close one. Hoos -7.5


You know way more than me here but I like GTech but will ride with UVa though I did call NCState ML last week Thanks my brother


Following this has reminded why I don’t bet on college football. I don’t know how many times Dragon has made what was probably the right pick only to lose with late shenanigans, backdoor covers, etc. Crazy game.


Overtime is the biggest killer


I really want to take GT but on the field they just haven’t shown it. They beat a terrible FSU team and looked shaky doing it.

This season has been brutal. There’s been some random end of game scenarios and with games being canceled teams are having difficulty finding a rhythm.

Smart call on GT DFresh. I miss read that one from the get.

Always luck but I rely on less info in picking these things and go off of what I see or hear during season. GT stood out as surprise team for me in first game or two. Also the way had NC State ML last week. ha. is all luck and we all love your write ups hometeam

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Louisville looked to be the better team throughout the night but it’s hard to win with 3 fumbles. Plus a ton of missed opportunities throughout the game. But Jahmyr Gibbs might be the best running back coming out of the 2020 class. He can do it all and will be a force in the ACC for the next couple years. Pair him with Sims and they should do some damage in the ACC the next couple years as well.

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Agree on both points Louisville is a very talented team and moved the ball well but the TOs killed them. Especially the one on the kickoff. GT has something special. Sims is as reliable a freshman as I’ve seen and Gibbs is legit. They might be a problem

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