Duke Preview and Game Thread

Virginia vs Duke Preview

Line opened Hoos -2 now Duke +1. Discuss

I honestly don’t know what to expect tomorrow. I do think our guys will be locked in and their past two performances might be a bit of fools gold. We’ll see.


I think they’re a much better team now that Johnson is gone. Do I think they’re world beaters now? No. But their offense can certainly score and for whatever reason Coach is always able to get his guys to lock in defensively against us. In short, I don’t expect to get blown out like we did against VT or FSU, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were bounced

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Matthew Hurt looks goofy, Hoos by 12


If we play with good ball movement we can win by doublt digits. If aggressive Huff comes out we win by 50. If they force Clark/Freshmen wall Reece to make plays and don’t help/switch everything and force us into 1 on 1 on the perimeter Duke by 8 (not athletic as FSU so not Duke by 20).

Dook is definitely going to switch and have our guards make plays, just like did with Zions class, and our guards are not Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy or Dre’. FSU showed them the exact blue print…with that said Tony and the coaches *Should know this and that FSU experience has given them 5 days to practice so Hoos by 8.


Yeah that was a fun game even though we lost. Guy also had a poor shooting game which could have flipped the script, but I did like seeing aggresive Ty taking Marques Bolden to the rack when they were switched on eachother.


Logic makes sense from a betting perspective. We just got blown out on the road. Duke has guys riding the emotional high of getting newfound PT and just looked good without Johnson. UVA, like most of the ACC, rarely winning in Cameron probably plays a role too.

That being said I will be surprised if we actually lose. As long as we don’t let anyone outside of Hurt get going we should be able to keep them in the high 50’s/low 60’s and that should be enough with how average Duke is defensively.

Yeah that nice drop off pass to Jack Salt after the pivot a few times was nice!

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Over under 20 minutes for Huff this game because of foul trouble?

I would set the over/under at F CK DUKE and I’d take the over all day every day


I like that over too

We better win as I have to stay up until 2 AM for the tip.


Dont know if Duke has the personell (guards) but think they wanna get out and go and nof let us set the pack line. Also look for their guards to really try and pressure Kiehei into tough positions/ areas of the floor. I think Kihei is really gonna be up for this one and we need Reece Tomas Casey and crew to be threats on the outside. Duke is a great gym for shooters as we all know so Sam may have a huge night and we all know what The Florist brings against Duke.

Trey and Reece first time to play in Cameron (I assume) so lets see how they respond. Shit Trey may have a big offensive game as well


The mental gymnastics on game day to excuse Jalen Johnson was hilarious! He quit with 3 weeks left and Seth Greemberg was the only one to call it out.

And Joe Goonardi trying to invoke some juju for dook to make the tournament by beating Us, Louisville, and UNC- let’s just whoop up on dook and call it a season for them.


According to KenPom, at Duke is the toughest game for any ACC team today. This could move Virginia’s in-conference schedule to the 3rd toughest in the conference up to this point. To win tonight and be 12-2 would say quite a bit about this team. For reference, most conference leaders, logically, have the easiest or close to the easiest in-conference schedules.


Im in the same boat…Might set my alarm for 2am…Havent missed a game this season or last!


Be strong men. We need everyone for this one ha


No doubt most important game of the season and I’m not saying that lightly


@Daniel_G I’m iron manning it… just going to chill because I doubt I’d be able to fall asleep.


You have a special beverage to go with your ironman effort?