Elijah Gertrude - Official Thread

Finally someone else in the team that can create their own shot consistently. So that will be three?


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I think the 2 Isaacs will be squarely in that mix too


Yes. I feel like we saw about 40 percent of what Imac has offensively. Maybe 60 in flashes percent but whatever ha


He’s going to take a Kyle Guy / Ty Jerome like leap next year. Could easily see 11-13 points per game just as a result of more PT and less deferring. But another offseason of S&C won’t hurt


Hey, I dunno if there’s anything doable but is there a Pova Dots shirt kinda thing possible with Gertrude? Rose and I would buy a couple in a heartbeat.


Man I can definitely ask. Am kinda tight with their Coach who is also the AD.

Like Hudson Catholic shirt with Elijahs number 3? Maybe signed

Edit: lets see how much interest we get from the overall forum. Either way i can get something for you and Rose easily I am sure


That would be amazing. If it worked out to do it, Rose and I would be at UVA home opener in November wearing them.

Maybe suggest it as a fund-raiser for the school? The Poca Dots were kinda uniquely positioned to do well with that, but I’d think there’d at least be some interest here as well as at the school.

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Now that I’m living in Cville again I need to get some more individual-player shirts and gear (like the BVP shirt) to wear to games and around town. I can’t help with bags but I can do my small part to make these guys feel like the community is behind them. Give me a shot at an Elijah shirt and I’m in.


Cool. Will reach out to his family and the school (assuming the family is good with it)


Sign me up for one.

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Fresh, I’ll take one of them jerseys too

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Well apparently we are going to redshirt Buchanan for some awful reason, but that’s just what we do so we may NOT even see them together if Gertrude is 1 and Done.

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I don’t think Gertrude is 1 and done coming off an ACL injury but who knows

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I’m interested…

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I’ll take a shirt if possible

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Dude you are such a drama queen. Gertrude is not one and done. I have no idea if Bucannan will redshirt but if he does that puts a little space between him and 6’11" Fish. Better yet maybe you could just apply for an associates head coaching job at UVA and be in charge of who redshirts or not. We obviously need your expertise since TB does not know what he is doing.

Carry on …

I remember when UVA posters on some boards were suggesting Papi was a one and done, going to be the starter as a first year, etc.

I thought Dunn was strictly a perimeter player, shooter (duh).

We don’t know what we have until we see them play a college game.


Yeah this point needs to be hammered home over the next few months. Most thought Reece would be a defensive liability … the list goes on


No one said that about Papi


Yes and no. This was in a time where you did see a lot of international players use a year of college to improve their overseas prospects and then bolt so yes but you’re correct that him going to nba wasn’t a typical thing discussed