Fall Recruiting Action

Figured I would make a new thread since the last one was from Summer.

Also realized HGN was probably super busy and never posted his article


Committed 2022s

Isaac McKneely

Isaac Traudt

Leon Bond

2022s left in play for one possible addition to Bond, McKneely, and Traudt (with recent clips)

Ryan Dunn

Julian Phillips

Bobi Klintman

2023s with offers (recent clips)

Caleb Foster

Reed Sheppard

GG Jackson

Justin Edwards


To be honest reading that scouring profile not having Traudt as a five star seems silly. He’s a much better prospect than Matthew Hurt


Much more mobile than Hurt. Hurt probably the better three point shooter. Traudt has a low release that he needs to get a little higher but should offer more defensive versatility.

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That’s fair. But it seems recruiting ranking are supposed to roughly reflect NBA potential. And Traudt has a much higher ceiling than Hurt due to his handle, lateral movement, etc. I don’t think he’s a top-10 prospect or anything but he reads like someone in that 20-25 range


Top 40 would be where I would put him. Has the skill to be a top 20 player but isn’t consistent on being able to dominate or take over games. The mental aspect. But shows flashes that if he can be consistent, he could be on the Bennett Mt Rushmore.

Thanks. Yeah I’ve been mostly awol today. Had a family thing to attend.

Fwiw it sounds like they’ll stay after Ryan Dunn. But they’re being very transparent that he shouldn’t expect much of an opportunity to play right away. Basically it’s come here if you’re ready to concentrate on getting better. If you gotta play this isn’t the place.

Wouldn’t write the other two off completely but I don’t get the feeling they’ll be a factor right now.

They’re 100% fine with it if this is it for 2022. What it boils down to. Gotta be on their conditions.


You think they still put any effort into those recruitments at all? Like working with Phillips to schedule an official this fall/go see Bobi at a Sunrise Christian workout? Or nah more passive like if they have a change of mind a month from now.

Bobi I can see getting in the way of painting a path to playing time for GG Jackson whom, from bugging the shit out of you with questions (sorry LOl), they seem to be all about.

Also don’t get me wrong, Phillips absolutely is the better player than Dunn right now. But the footwork and skill level Dunn shows despite his wiry frame makes me excited about his potential down the line.

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I doubt they’ll still try for Phillips but that’s just my opinion. Klintman they’ll still see because of the 2023 PG at Sunrise. Would be the same deal as Dunn if they did go for it.


Who is a factor for Phillips? When you listen to him speak, he fits. I get we’re an unlikely landing spot but we keep hanging around…

Edit: I see the consensus is FSU

Yeah FSU LSU and USC are seen as the top 3. Eric Bossi (head scout 247) thinks we are on the list within the list (top 4/top 5) but “have work to do” to get to the top. Also I think part of our pitch to Traudt was playing time right off the bat, even if off the bench. If Jayden Gardner does return for his 5th year, which HGN said staff wouldn’t mind at all, the front court gets crowded with Jayden Traudt Igor Kadin Caffaro. Although in my mind Philips can play the 3 pretty easily since he’s a true wing. Even though he would be better suited asa 4 taking advantage of mismatches like Hunter and Murphy.

If we assume Jayden takes his chances as a late 2nd round pick/undrafted/decides to start earning $$$, A Reece Armaan Philips Igor Kadin lineup with Taine McKneely Carson and Traudt off the bench would be super fun (Bond redshirting as assumed in this scenario).

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I assume they’ve already got a pretty good idea if he’s receptive to that plan?

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From a roster management perspective, CTB should probably call it a day with the 3 we’ve got committed. The approach with Dunn essentially would make him a '23 if he decides he’s the next Dre. I think that leaves two open positions if Dunn comes here. Have to count on a transfer out then to take 3 (Sheppard, Cupps and Jackson top my list). I’m not up for figuring out the roster permutations but hope someone else can lay out the '23 roster options/open schollies.

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No scenario in which Caffaro makes anything crowded. He is deep bench on a good team

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Would love if someone could expound on the Bond redshirt topic. Where did this come from and rationale? Is he on board? Seems strange that a top 50 recruit would redshirt especially these days. Didn’t we think same with JAR and that was off an injury IIRC. Thanks in advance. Go Hoos!

I think we need another big in this or next year’s class (or a transfer). Someone that can guard a UNC center.


According to HGN Tony was very cautious about this class because of the transfer market and specifically went after guys who would buy in. Reason why they went all in on Bond over the other forwards in the end. Abdur rahim redshirted cause of the injury even though I believe he wanted to play. And by the time he was feeling healthy Murphy was already establishing himself/became eligible and Rahim was pretty bad on defense/getting punked by other teams walk ons and scrubs. @Mikeysurf can probably elaborate

They are going modern basketball as well. Jalen Washington is essentialy a stretch 4 who they want to play at the 5. and Dawson Garcia Types are who they want at the 5.


The thing that stands out most about our 2022 recruits is how much each of them seems to genuinely love the University. They don’t just say that we have a great program that can get them to the NBA (hollow Jabri type of comments), they give glowing comments about Tony and culture at UVA and how much they love Cville/UVA


Yeah, '23 is going to be all about a PG (well underway) and a big man. Anything beyond that will depend on how this season plays out.