Fall Recruiting Action

So Bobi Klintman is gonna announce tomorrow. Where’s he gonna go?

UVA is extremely unlikely. Someone said they thought it would be Maryland, but I have no idea.

2023 updated recruiting rankings

Using @HoozGotNext’s recent articles, these are the composite rankings (average from all 3 sites)


Isaiah Collier 19
Reed Sheppard 22
London Johnson 25
George Washington III 50
Jaylen Curry 65
Jahnathan Lamothe 89
Parker Friedreichsen 108


GG Jackson 10
Alassane Amadou 74
Carter Lang 96
Xavier Booker 102 (easily. has top 50 talent, many in recruiting world question his motor/effort)
Austin Parks 149
Dylan James Unranked (mad slept on)


He just took an unofficial there the week before here as well. 17th ranking is the 247 only ranking (I do like composite more but yeah he’s up there now)


Someone on The Sabre has claimed it IS the Terps.

Lots of activity with Reed and Kentucky. Not great bob


Think as much as anything its just fun to go to Lexington and be around UK and sports. But yes its gonna be tough to keep him from committing there


I was originally on the “No way Reed Sheppard is coming here” team, but then convinced myself that we do have a really good shot with the twitter banner photo of “Chase God”, the interviews with Jeff Sheppard, etc. I gotta remind myself that it is still very much an uphill battle to land Sheppard. In another interview he said the player he molds his game after is Devin Booker. Calipari is also aware that Reed Sheppard seems to be the most important recruit in any class for the Kentucky fan base.

I wish Tony was more front and center in front of some other guard prospects in September but it is what it is.


I am kinda on same wave as you. No way early but more I learn about him and hear he is almost too perfect a fit with us

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At least we and Kentucky are selling pretty different products to him (not putting any judgment on either product in that statement - just noting they’re pretty far apart). More about what kind of experience he prefers. For some reason that feels better to me than us going up against like Villanova. Not saying it makes it more likely we get him, but just that I probably won’t feel like “Ugh, we were so close” if he goes to Kentucky.

Also, if he does go to Kentucky, it doesn’t immediately work out, and they recruit over him as they do to everybody, we could be in great position for the transfer.


The power forward from Clemson? Odd choice … :wink:

Speaking of, this article is pretty amusing:


Just realized there is another top 150 kid from Cville as well. Also aren’t Javin DeLaurier’s brothers coming up/aren’t they supposed to be really good? idk local hoops scene in cville.

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Hmm, using our sweet spot seems like GWIII or Curry and Amadeus or Booker


There is nothing I hate more with a big man than “questions about motor or effort”


Austin Ball. He’s from WV, just transferred in.

2024 Eli DeLaurier has a chance. Already picking up big boy offers.


Xavier Booker highlights recently posted (noticed Williford liked it too). When you look at his highlights you think “woah top 25 kid”. When you watch an actual game you go “dang high ceiling project”. A Huff/Kadin type except I have no idea when he had his out of nowhere growth spurt. Does show potential as someone who can pick and pop out of a screen on mover blocker and initiate offense in a 5 out. Post moves are yet to be seen but that’s just basketball in general.


make him go right make him go right! Ha thats cool stuff


A lot of activity for a 2024 recruit. Both UNC and UVA being strong here.


Is he a potential 2023 reclass?

That’s what im saying. I think HGN said no but man I would take him as a reclass in a heart beat.

Watching his clips I was like “dang this kid is solid 2-3 year player. Needs to add some muscle but otherwise really good skillset”. And then I remembered I wasn’t watching a 2022 recruit. I was watching a 2024 15 year old lol.

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