Finding and Recruiting Coaches

I’ve been curious about the process UVA goes through to identify and select candidates for assistant/associate coaches. I suspect we will lose coach Williford before long. Thus, I’d be interested to know how we’d go about filling his place in the coaching staff . . . I.e., where would we look, who would do the “looking” , what are the likely criteria a candidate would need to satisfy, how long would such a process normally take, etc

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Lot of promoting from within in the past for Bennett, and then hiring whatever position is left after just about everybody is promoted.

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I don’t know details as far as process. It’s all networking. Coaches hire people they trust or those recommended by people they trust. Just look at the guys TB has brought aboard. They all have ties. And I think he’s done a little line of succession thing hiring overqualified staffers who are waiting their turn. Vandross and now Penney. Getter too for that matter. Ideally coaching positions are filled before evaluation periods in late April.


I thought it might be a bit more structured than what you guys are describing. I guess there are no KenPom rankings for coaches.

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Exactly, it’s much more about fit than finding the best coach available.

Fit and timing too. Look at Ritchie McKay. The time was right for him to leave a head coaching job to work as an assistant. When the time was right, he moved on, as a better coach. Good dude too, lives in my neighborhood.