Five Takeaways from the Louisville Win

With a statement win over Louisville clinching the ACC Regular Season Title, UVA is heading into postseason play red hot. With that in mind, I have five critical takeaways from the win for this team moving forward.


Here are some of my takeaways:

  1. ACC refs suck.
  2. Chris Mack is an ass.
  3. Dan Dakich is a moron.
  4. Sam Hauser > Carlik Jones. All. Day. Long.
  5. Hauser got screwed.
  6. Duke sucks.

I agree, and cannot stress #6 enough

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Yeah Kihei got shafted atleast 2 times on offensive fouls.

  1. Spin move in the lane by slazinski in which Kihei was there for a full second in advance.

  2. Push off on Carlik.

Other awful calls which were very sloppy and bad reffing, not just missed calls.

  1. Shot clock expiration

  2. Sam getting mauled

What else? Iā€™m missing a few.

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