Five Things I'm Watching (Blog post)


Is it crazy to think if Murphy plays well enough to get drafted this year we’d have a chance with Baldwin? We are still technically on his list and would presumably be coming off a deep tournament run where two guys with a similar skill set excelled with the role wide open. Would think that would at least make him take a second look.


yeah that’s probably a little crazy lol Like I said, I think it’s improbable right now anyway. But if he were to leave, they should do very very well recruiting whoever they can. Would expect another high profile transfer.


I thought we all agreed not to mention Trevor keels ever again until he commits to us.


We can just use code… Revertay Eelskay sounds good.


“Multiple frontcourt additions is possible. The coaching staff anticipates a busy late recruiting cycle. They will be extremely active pursuing transfers and available high school seniors.”

This was slipped in there but is sooooo interesting. Either the staff isn’t completely happy with roster construction, not happy with current HS evals, expects several transfers out or some combo of those factors.

Sam (F), Jay (Big) and Woldo (G) are gone, opening 3 schollys. Not to speculate, but lets say Kody (G) doesn’t come back due to medical and we have 1 transfer out (Big), I’ll speculate a big as why else would we look to bring in multiple frontcourt guys, that opens up 2 more. 5 total

1 - Already earmarked for Taine - essentially replaces Woldo’s spot/role since the article talks about ‘recruiting for roles’
2. Transfer PF (and by that I mean anything from AG clone to Mamadi clone) - replaces Sam’s spot
3. Wing - HS or Transfer, lean HS. Replace Kody’s spot
4. Big 4/5 - Lean HS. Replace the big transfer out

  1. Spot held for Keels or to good to turn down transfer guard, as mentioned would need to be the elusive ‘bucket getter’ role

For me - more likely a guard transfers.
Next year assuming TW leaves:
Beekman, Clark, Morsell, McCorkle, Murray, Jabri, Murphy - ish

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Nice write-up HGN. I like this inside triangle offense because it fits our roster’s skillset better. The 5-out read-and-react was asking some guys to do things that weren’t their strengths. With the triangle offense, only the players who are asked to attack a settled defense are the ones who have the best skillsets for it (Hauser/Huff/Clark), and everyone else gets to play a secondary role where they only have to hit open catch-and-shoots or drive closeouts. I think it’s a little easier for them to shift into a high ball screen at the end of the shot clock too with their alignment in the triangle offense.

Big picture, even though the ACC games haven’t been even performances throughout the game, this team seems to be finding its identity on both ends more.


I really wasn’t speculating about any outgoing transfers. That’s inevitable with 13 guys and the rule change coming, but not that relevant to what I was talking about. They’re interested in a guy like Caleb because he brings something that no one else they have does, just like Trevor Keels would. They don’t need it, but if the right guy is there they’ll go after it.

They’ll look for a proven big even if everyone stays. Unless Caffaro makes a leap by next season, he seems to be a situational player and it’s a lot to assume Kadin will be ready for a 30mpg role next year.

And it’s always been the plan to add another 2021 big or forward. Kind of important for spacing or we get in trouble trying to fill too many at once later.


RLH: Which colleges are keeping in contact the most or have the best relationship with you?

IT: I would say as of now probably Oklahoma, Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Creighton, Nebraska, Louisville, and Michigan State.


Based on the defense in the paint or lack thereof when Jay is out we NEED a bouncy Mama-D like player and ideally two! I think it would also be nice to have another combo guard that can handle and shoot it very well.

Lastly, another long wing player who can play defense and may be able to shoot it like Trey and Dre’.

That’s my wish list. Anything else is gravy.


Uggh. Hope Jamie is getting bad info here. Been rumors last few days.

What kind of player is Traudt? Closest comp to a past TB player?

I think Taudt is coming close to “player we’ve never had but Tony has always wanted” territory.

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I guess Hauser is the general idea, only Sam was a high school guard where Traudt is playing the 4/5. I’d like to see him play against quality competition this summer to judge. No doubt he’s legit, just more about how well he moves, who he can guard, that kind of thing.

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When I watched some of Traudt’s highlights I thought of Jarrod Uthoff, who if memory serves we tried to get involved with but were ultimately a bit late for.

Would that be a decent comparison?

Yeah that seems like a good one. Blast from the way gone recruiting past.

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My Jay Huff observations so far this season:

Good Things Happen When… Jay Huff goes pivot crazy in the paint :crazy_face:

Good Things Happen When… Jay Huff takes wide open threes from the top of the arc :star_struck:

Bad Things Happen When… Jay Huff puts the ball below his waste stationary outside the key :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bad Things Happen When… Jay Huff tries to dribble outside the paint without a clear path to the basket :exploding_head:


Bad things happen when jay huff is not in the game.


Shedrick is a more than decent back up for Huff. He’s got good energy on the offensive boards and really good footwork on his moves near the basket, and his defense is improving. Unfortunately his development has apparently been hampered by illness, which I hope is not a chronic thing like Wilkins and even more so Stattmann. But I think the coaches need to keep playing him when he’s available even if it’s just to give Huff a rest or to deal with foul trouble.

McKoy’s play has been very up and down. When he’s forced shots in the post area, it’s less than 50-50 that good things will happen. I’m assuming the coaches are encouraging him to be aggressive, so maybe that’s part of a longer term development plan for him. But in my opinion he’s had much more success when he’s focused on rebounding, defense and put backs near the rim.

Caffaro is struggling with match ups on defense that have not been ideal for him. Maybe he’ll give us some surprising moments against UNC again