Following UVa Transfers Out: 23-24

I think it’s probably a bit optimistic on Creighton, and a bit optimistic on Fish’s role. We shall see. That said, I think pairing Fish and a shot blocker seems like a solid idea for a high level backcourt.


3MW said Santa Clara should be 4th or 5th in WCC, with Papi playing a big role. Forgot they were coached by old NC State and ASU coach whose name escapes me because I’m an old man.


Almanac comes out next week,so watch this space… Hoo else we got?

  • JAR - Georgia
  • Malachi - Illinois St
  • Igor - Charlotte
  • Casey - NCSU
  • McKoy- Hawaii
  • McCorkle - Wofford
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Herb Sendek? I wondered what happened to him.


That’s him. Thanks

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That texas starting line up is horrible. Dillon Mitchell cant shoot 3s and Kadin is probably more suited at the 4 spot than a true center and needs to be paired with a strong rebounder. Doesn’t have the lower body of a center and his mobility allows him to guard on the perimeter with stretch 4s and guards.

Creighton Traudt didn’t impress that much in their overseas trip and one person even said something along the lines of not really driven or fired up. Reminds me of the talk about how some believed Jay Huff wasn’t all in on basketball/didn’t have that fire. Funny given his career so far has been all basketball. I think young Miller will probably start at the 4 for them and Traudt will be their starter at the end of the season once he becomes more accustomed to Creighton’s system of only producing 1 NBA player, that player being the coach’s son.


When did. JAR transfer to Hawaii?

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Oops, fixed. Typed JAR, was thinking McKoy

@Hooandtrue i think Dillon Mitchell is the real swing on Texas. If he has a breakout they’ll be good. Plus I guess Abmas up-transfer.

Should be a very solid defensive team - I think that’s Hunters rep.


Traudt is soft by all accounts. Would love to still have him but you’d really want to pair him with an absolute, look away Norfolk, Dog at the 5. He’s a finesse player


Kalkbrenner is DPOY potential, so I assume that’s the hope (2x Big East DPOY)

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I feel like Casey and JAR have been around for ever.

Traudt and Kadin leading the way for the Charmin squad

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