Football vs. Basketball LRA

Can anyone explain why the b-ball board is so much more popular than the football board?


I think it’s just bc this started with basketball…Not much insight on fb here. Hopefully that changes soon.


Well there’s a pretty layered answer to that. Likely the first aspect is that this was founded by people from and surrounding the basketball program. So, naturally, they’re much closer to the basketball program and have more to say about basketball. Secondly, while Virginia football has been on a meteoric rise the last few years, basketball has been at the top for roughly six years now so people are generally more inclined to talk UVA basketball. Because the team and program is so good, and just won a freaking Natty Championship, if you’re a UVA Athletics fan, it’s impossible to not have watched the basketball program since they’ve been so good. Conversely, because UVA football hasn’t been as good, and at times pretty bad, some people are likely just now starting to follow and watch the football team. We all know, it’s much more fun to watch, follow, and root for a team that is winning. I’m sure as LRA continues to grow and as the football program keeps trending in the right direction, so will the football boards.


Did I catch a hint from Merch that things on the fb page are about to change?

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I personally support both teams, but admit that I watch and follow much more uva basketball. It has a much more successful past and more promising future. So there is definitely more to be excited about.


That makes sense. I’m a huge fan of all Uva sports. As I’ve mentioned before my Xs and Os knowledge for football is better than that for basketball. I was even a football season ticket holder for years before we moved to Atlanta.

However, there has been something special about the basketball program and it dates back to 2012. That program has pulled my family in. A lot of it has to do with TB. He has that personalitt that reasonates with me. My wife who was a college athlete as well notices it too about TB he the type of coach that you want to perform for. And that transcends into watching.

That said we watch every football game and have followed Bronco and his rebuild very closely. But that connection with the program and the players hasn’t been the same. Watching Joey Malcolm Kyle Dre Ty and the list goes on has been like watching my own children grow up.