Forum site speed and posting errors RESOLVED

Hey all,

We are aware of some issues with the forum currently where users are unable to post and experiencing slow loading times. We are working on a resolution and will update this topic when everything is working correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Testing, Testing…Looks like we are back up and running


Just as a heads up, for the past three or four days starting around 10:00pm and stopping around midnight, I haven’t been able to access the forums. It’s weird, because the rest of the LRA site will load just fine, but the forums page won’t. It has some “Oops…” message and says the problem has been logged. Then when I check back in the morning it’s all up and running again. I don’t think it’s on my end because it’s happened on phone and computer, but you never know. Just wanted to flag!


Please reply to this topic if you see the message again along with the time when you saw it.
I can see a few incident reports in our logs but the underlying issue is now addressed so it shouldn’t happen again.

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Will do! Thank you

I have had the same issue the last few nights.

So have i