Fouling to get the ball back at the end of the half?



Ouch. 36% from your PG is tough. I remember Crockrell. UVA gave him a brief glance. He and J’Raan Broooks were tight, same high school at the time.

Not going for 2 for 1 situations drives me crazy in CBB. That and I think teams should try to take advantage of the 1 and 1 foul window by fouling poor FT shooters.

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Interesting concept. Part of me cringes as it feels like micro-managing the game which is my one gripe with college ball in general, but I totally get the logic of it.

It does bring up another point for me, with so many close games for the Hoos this year, there have been moments where I’ve questioned their use of fouls. There were a few times I thought they should have put a guy on the line to protect a lead, and more specifically in the NC State and the Cuse game why they did not foul to extend the game rather letting the team play it out to get the shot they wanted.

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Another strategy we dont ever employ and Ive personally been frustrated with, Why dont we ever use time outs to save a possession. Ive seen Kihei trapped in hopeless double teams on the sideline before and we never use our time outs to get us out of a turnover…


Update: Key just called a timeout when trapped in a double in the corner. Wise man!


I totally understand what you are saying, however. We did it tonight but I have noticed that at times.


Advanced coaching using analytics. Great article explaining it too. Totally enjoyed reading.

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