Franklin Scouting Report & Film Breakdown


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This was my favorite comment at the bottom… every school fan base (including ours) thinks their “culture” is 10 times better than any other school’s culture and can’t fathom ANYONE wanting to leave it… I think UVa’s culture is great after listening to LRA podcasts… but it wasn’t always great as @DFresh11 has alluded to…

“Unfortunately he will also not be part of the IU fraternity that Woodson/Fife will be re-creating. I think that’s a long term mistake in the end for someone that will not have an NBA pro career. Being a part of the IU family is a special thing that this coaching staff will use to appeal to young kids. Someone that leaves that family will not be hated, but will certainly not be embraced by it. Virginia probably has it’s own culture that I’m sure is nice. I don’t think Armaan will be as immersed in it tho as he would be here.


It’s seems like he correctly sees that his path to the nba is by playing tough perimeter defense and hitting open 3s. It’s as simple as that. High usage but inefficient college guards in uptempo systems are a dime a dozen.


Wait I thought Villanova was the only school with a culture? That’s what ESPN tells me anyway.


Yeah. I mean, I get that as an Indiana kid, the Hoosiers will always be a big deal to him. But the reality is that anyone who is a Sophomore or younger on any team in the country has only gotten a shadow of the full experience regardless of where they are.

Starting late in the season you had the creeping concerns over Covid, badly disrupted conference tournaments, no NCAA tournament at all and no in-person school after spring break. This season you had no fans in the seats, college experience totally different, and the season starting late and generally being a mess.

I really don’t blame any Frosh or sophomores for feeling disenchanted about their experience so far. It wouldn’t have been better anywhere else, but it had to have felt disappointing.

I use this example all the time in my sales calls when I am trying to have folks stay with the product I sold them… “the backup quarterback is the backup for a reason… you’re only complaining because you are seeing the starting quarterback every week and the allure of the backup compels you to trash the starter.” I think that encapsulates a lot of what happened this year without the true college experience for a lot of these players transferring.