Game thread: Women's BB at VT (7pm ACCNX)

@Vandy-Hoo suggested these games might deserve their own threads (if only to help everyone keep track of when they are!), and this is a big rivalry game, so let’s see how that goes.

VT (12-2, 2-2) is ranked #9, NET is 14.
UVA (13-1, 2-1) is unranked, NET is 27.

Massey gives us a 22% chance to win, predicts 70-59 in favor of Tech.


Anyone know how to get some under the counter accnx streams? ACCNX is the only one I have yet to crack the code on in term of finding streams.


Massive game tonight. VT is red hot and damn good. Their size inside with Liz Kitley is going to be a nightmare to deal with. McLean has to find a way to stay on the court.


Yea, anyone got a hookup to stream the game?

Ugh. Game is blacked out in Charlottesville? Gimme a break


Once again, McLean with 2 fouls in the first quarter. We’ve seen what happens when she sits for Q2.

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For anyone else who couldn’t get the game on ACCNX, I eventually found it on MASN (which I added to my Roku)


That would explain the blackout. Thank you.


Taylor got away with an elbow on her second and 1. The tech player has been selling taking elbows ever since and it’s working.


We won the second quarter without McLean! And with some odd lineups. Key minutes for Pauley, Smith playing point. We’ve had 11 players in there to VT’s 7.

The refs are kinda random as usual.

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Away from my computer so cant use a MASN stream and just watching the ticker. Living through yall right now.

I believe Hokies’ key player is out with an ankle injury I believe? could be wrong

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Also on Bally Sports if you’re in the south. But it’s exactly the team you’re used to seeing – chaotic, physical.

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From a poster on Tech Sideline (VT board): “I miss Tina Thompson she should have been their coach forever”


Hoos need a bucket. badly.

That went from 37-36 to 44-36 in literally a minute or a minute 10.

Yes Network via YES Network - USTVGO.TV is reliable for me.

I see it finally started yeah i usuaally use that but tonight it’s behind.

wont ruin the score for you but

Hit play stream. It’s a little choppy though. MVP Hoo TV provided this on the sabre

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Taylor Soule is flop machine. Do better Kenny.

Soule and Amoore better than anyone on the floor.

McLean for Virginia maybe only one with same talent level. Brunelle has that Brogdon like drive shot that seems to always hit.