Got Tomas and Grant on the pod late last night

We talked about Italy, how they found out and more…not as professional without Mark and Doug, but figured you guys would wanna know what happened.


Great work. Hits home hearing these guys express disappointment at such an abrupt end to the opportunity they had in front of them


Great job, My disappointment as a fan cant compare to what these guys must be going through. Got to love Grant Kersey though. You have to believe he would stay at UVA for a long time if he could. The ultimate UVA player,manager and fan


Just got word that my next power lifting competition in May has been cancelled. Not the same but similar. Had been in prep for 2 months already

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Keep training man. Care to expand on this? Would be interesting to know about I think

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Thanks. The meet was set for may 7 or 8 whatever that Saturday is. For powerlifting I like to take a 3 to 4 month build up to hit peak. Ive been training hard with ny coach since January. Training includes gym sessions several days a week plus diet which is tricky involves eating enough to build strength (about 5k calories a day) but eating healthy so i gain muscle not fat. I was just begging a moderate cut phase because I’m at the size i want but don’t want to gwt bigger because i find it hard to move and dont feel good.

Its a lot of work to prep for a meet I love it but its a big investment and my coach and I work closely together. All the training doesnt include the monthly trips to the chiropractor to PT and to cryotherapy. All of which come out of my pocket.

I was talking with my coach this morning and it appears the federation that sanctions the meet held a group call yesterday and they are canceling all spring meets across the country, perhaps as many as 20, due to Corona virus.

The meets may be rescheduled later but that throws timing off. Generally i compete in the spring and again in the fall and if I score well enough that qualifies me for nationals in December. The key is you want enough time inbetween to recover so you can peak again. You only have so many peaks in you.

Now with the calendar thrown off who knows what will happen.

While I never thought I’d win or be competitive at this meet or Nationals i did expect to take part and now due to circumstances out of my control that opportunity is gone. So in that regard I do get the disappointment from these athletes.


I’ll add to these sentiments, as a high school lacrosse player in PA we just had our seasons postponed for 2 weeks and all indications point to the season being cancelled all together. We’re yet to play a game, but have been building up to this since last May, and thought we had a real shot at being elite this season with two extremely strong upper classes. Fortunately, I’m only a junior and will still have next season. But our seniors are devastated. Everything happened so suddenly, we were supposed to have three scrimmages today, and only heard the news late Thursday. This screws up recruiting for lax also, as a lot of guys were hoping to use this spring season and our team’s success as a launchpad to get noticed. Sounds like a vast majority of our summer showcases will get scrapped as well. Above all that, I was supposed to take the SAT today :woozy_face:. The impact COVID-19 has had and is going to continue to have is incomprehensible.


Let’s see how our health care system handles the next 3/4 weeks. No stopping this thing at this point. Just hope to slow it down.


It’s all about containment and flattening the curve


sorry on this. couldnt imagine this happening when I was in HS. would have been beyond devastated. Keep working dude


very cool man. sounds real. and keep us up with competitions


Will do. I sucks. But glad it’s not like back in the day and i only got paid if i played through boot money. Or if i was a HS athelte like @brogdonfanpage. I’m just missing out on my hobby not my livelihood


It is interesting @BDragon. Let us know when you ready to hit it again. I really hate this for you and @brogdonfanpage. Especially for the seniors hoping to catch on with some college teams. Looks like this is gonna affect almost everyone. Even here in the boondocks a teacher’s daughter has been tested for it after coming down sick upon returning from Disney World. The flu has been ruled out. Wow guys this thing is touching and changing lives everywhere. Everyone be careful