💞 Happy Mothers Day

Huge shout outs to all the moms today yall

God gave me the best one!

Millicent Smith


I have been blessed with one heckuva mom… and I don’t brag about her enough… so here it goes…

As one who was adopted from Korea… growing up with an Irish mom and a Czech dad south of Richmond was definitely an experience… but wouldn’t have traded it for the world. One of the main reasons I joined the Air Force was to serve and protect those that brought me in and especially my mom who would bend over backwards for me in anything that I needed.

She not only adopted 3 Korean kids, but we would also have foster newborns (due to Virginia statutory adoption laws), was signed up with Child Protective Services for emergency placements w/ abuse and abduction and were a lamplight family for runaways (we kept our front house light on 100% of the time… and a placard near the door to ring it if you needed a place to stay).

Needless to say… I have 100s of brothers and sisters through these programs and I am truly blessed that she has been there for me throughout my entire life.

Thanks Mom!

Edit: Mother’s Day is one of her favorite days because a lot of my Foster, CPS, Runaway brothers and sisters send updates through flowers/letters, call and show up with their families to see her.


Just when you thought JazzNut couldnt become more interesting!


Shout out to this lady who was and is an amazing mom. I learned so much from her and the lessons continue to pour in.

It wasn’t easy for her having my dad pass away when I was 9 months old and becoming a single parent as a result but she never blinked at the challenge.

I watched her earn her PHD from UVa when I was in the 3rd grade. She worked her ass off to provide for me and continued to climb the professional ladder, including serving as the dean to several members of this forum.

Despite her busy schedule she never missed a basketball or football game. Always found a way to make sure I made it to practice on time. She would and will continue to bend over backwards for me or her grandkids and I am forever grateful.


Just saw great quote: a mom is someone who can take everyones place but no one can take her place.

So dang true especially them UVa moms that kept us all straight!


Shit this is the most inspirational thread on LRA I’ve ever seen.

My mom grew up poor in rural Alabama, moved to va, became a nurse, then got her PHD, taught at UVA, wrote a bunch of textbooks, and is now working on her 4th novel.

Not much of a basketball fan, but she did tell my dad, when I was the 6th man on our JV team, “You know if he keeps playing basketball, i really like that Dean Smith, he should go play for him.”

He didn’t have the heart to tell her, and to this day she may still think not playing at UNC was simply my decision.


Hahaha thats great. Where in Alabama? Thats my neck of the woods sorta

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Coffee Springs - down near the FLA pan handle


I lost my mom 3 months ago. She was the greatest friend i ever had


Ah man. Look how happy she is. You trying to make Fresh cry boy!