Hoops On Grounds Ep. 4 Q&A

Recording episode 4 of Hoops on Grounds today, so if y’all have any questions/topics you want us to address, fire away!


Love your podcast. it is my first choice now. My question is in reponse to the GT game last night. Was there something about the offense we were running that prevented us from getting Sam the ball down low against Alverado. Every time we passed it to him with his back to the basket down low, he scored. Seemed like most of the time though, he was getting the ball running to or while at the 3 pt line facing the basket where he had to beat Alverado off the dribble.


Do you both believe 3-point defense is based on proper close-outs, late shot clock pressure shots, fatigue & frustration from interior defense, just luck or a mixture? Seems like the GT game in the second half was more of GT missing open shots than anything else.


Same as last time for me I guess: any UVA guys up for any major awards and top candidates for ACCPOY (Huff, Hauser, Champegnie, Aluma, etc)? While you’re at it: all-acc first team thus far?


Appreciate all the questions! About to record so if you have any, get em in!