Hoos on short list for Austin Nunez (blog post)

I talked to Austin Nunez’s dad yesterday. He shared a little story from this past summer that was too good not to turn into an article. Along with some details of what was discussed on their Zoom call yesterday.

“Most interesting call I have ever received”


Great stuff HGN. What are the ‘deciding factors’ to Austin and his family that you mention?

Also what’s TX depth at pg after Coleman graduates?

Yeah Nunez’s dad is a big presence in Texas. I was checking out some of the Texas kids we were looking at (Colin Smith for one) and he actually has been on the official visits with some of these Texas recruits to Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas, etc.

It’ll be mostly how Austin is used. They’re basketball people, that’s the language. In a way that’s fortunate for UVA because considering all the ties to Texas and their setup, how hard Shaka is on him, we wouldn’t have a prayer with most kids. He’ll go where he thinks is best for his basketball career, period. They respect Bennett a great deal and his history with guards particularly. It’s why we’re the top threat to Texas.

And the PG spot is wide open at Texas. It’s tough to compete with.