I don't want to rub things in, but

when it comes to Duke, and their out-of-control home crowds, I must say that it’s great seeing Duke being 7-8 overall. :smiley:

There’s a lot I can say about Coach K’s recruiting, but I’ll let Duke’s fans say it on their message board.

If a school is going to try to build a program on one-and-done’s, what happens if the top half-dozen NBA prospects pass up college completely, and it’s a bad senior class for big-time talent? That’s what Duke and Kentucky are finding out this year.


Exactly, if they get rid of the one and done rule and all of the 5 stars can go league then it comes down to coaching, and Roach K may not have the patience for that… Hell he doesn’t have the patience to interview with college aged students as opposed to coaching them.