If we play blocker-mover, who are the best movers?

We’ve seen a fair bit of blocker-mover lately, and one thing that seems evident to me is that Murphy is not an ideal mover because he doesn’t seem to have the knack for shooting off pindown screens. He’s such a good shooter that I think he can add it to his arsenal, but it’s not really there yet.

For that reason, against GT it was frustrating to see Hauser and Huff playing as blockers while Beekman, Clark, and Murphy were movers. Realistically, it felt like that offense worked primarily when (A) Huff or Hauser were fed in the low post, or (B) Clark found himself open on boomerangs and stepped into open 3’s.

From my vantage, if we’re going to play blocker-mover, the most efficient offense has:
Mover: Clark
Mover: Woldentensae
Mover: Hauser
Blocker: Murphy
Blocker: Huff

In general, it feels like Tony is still experimenting.



We need to find ways to get Murphy in situations where he is a mover. The man needs more shots.

What if Kihei or Reece was a blocker and if they double murphy Kihei rolls to the top of the key and drives when the help defense is late to initiate a drive to the basket or a kickout to the opposite side. Also imagine all the blocking fouls on people running over kihei screens.

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