Is LRA a year old yet?

If so, congrats. If not, it must be happening soon. I hope @Merch and everyone involved does something nice to celebrate.

I saw on the home page there are plans to start a Kentucky LRA later this year. How’s that coming along? This seems like a great model that could be replicated for a lot of schools.

I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts and other content, and being part of this forum. Thanks for making this a great place to hang out, and good luck with whatever’s in the works for the next year!


Well said, although I think the UVA bond is the only one strong enough to have something like this become possible and as successful as it is. Can’t wait to see how it translates to other schools.
I do think LRA as a whole officially turned one year old right around the championship anniversary, but the forum could be coming up on its birthday very soon. Great job @Merch and everyone involved, and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.


Thanks @stoke, we really do appreciate it. We paused the other schools due to COVID19. We’ve made a lot of progress, but advertising & sponsorship was also paused due to the pandemic. So we’ve concentrated on trying to help with White Spot, 2k Tourney, Hospital workers…

I think the official date for the forum was June 21st. Day of the draft.
Appreciate all of you guys coming on and making this a real community. Every post is appreciated.
We know it’s hard to adjust to new designs and sites, so we really are grateful for it.

We’re hoping over time, people will jump on and support a platform that will help the players from their program. But we also know, UVA is a unique place and communities like thesabre, facebook, 24/7, reddit are much more lively and part of the fabric.

But we are working on it and hopefully getting better. Really do appreciate you guys, it does not go unnoticed!


Congratulations on 1 year. That’s a big step, and I’m sure there are many more to come.

Also really appreciate the shift in focus with the pandemic, and thinking of helping others and not just yourselves. Not a lot of business would have done that. Shows the integrity of the people pulling the strings.


I think it was last August, I got a twitter DM from Tw asking if I would be interested in talking about doing something with Locker Room Access. My first response was what’s that? I thought it was just another blog site looking to use me for exposure. Needless to say, he sold me on the idea fast once he explained what they had planned. Even more than the plan, just the obvious passion he and Mark had convinced me they’d make it a success.


Time flies @HoozGotNext.


Look at TW sliding into those DM’s sly devil