Is UVa interested in 6-5 Class of 2023 Jamie Kaiser of

…Fairfax, VA Lake Braddock High?
Averaged 15.5 ppg. as a freshman on the varsity in basketball.
Averaging 28.8 ppg. as a sophomore so far this year. Scored 43 in one game. His low game for the year is 16 points!

Listed in various places as a football and baseball prospect also.
Father played college football.

I had not heard of him until I was looking at the scoring averages of high school players in Virginia, on MaxPreps(dot)com


Fairfax County Basketball is pretty bad. You might get a D3 prospect here and there or even a mid-major prospect once in a blue moon. But stats don’t mean much in a league where centers are 6’3.


Agreed Lake Braddock isn’t lighting up the charts. Any true Div 1 talent in Fairfax is playing on the Catholic league. I’m sure there’s a few exceptions but doubtful there’s a true div 1 contributor in that league


I definitely agree about comp level of Nova public schools, but from the kid’s highlights, he does look legit and he’s just a '23.

He plays for Team Durant (Nike EYBL). He’ll get his chances there.

Putting up numbers: 2023 6’5 Jamie Kaiser (Lake Braddock, VA) - Phenom Hoop Report


I would suspect that if this kid gets viewed as a D1 prospect for basketball that he will get a chance to switch schools… if basketball is his game then how much he shows out in AAU ball will determine his next step… reminds of a UNC prospect from this area many moons ago that had to play somewhere else… name escapes me at the moment…

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Hubert Davis?

Kendall Marshall…

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I like that spin dribble, fade-away, long jumpshot he made at the :25 mark.

But it’s hard to judge a player based on camera footage that is from this far away. I always like to see video of the shots a player misses, not just the ones he makes. If he’s good, his phone will be ringing off the hook with calls from “fans” of local private schools, trying to get him to transfer.

It says that Stanford is showing interest. is his father’s Twitter account. His father is Jamie Kaiser, Sr. The father played small college football for Slippery Rock in PA.

@J_Kaiser53 is the son’s Twitter account.
He plays for Lake Braddock High, and if you remember a long time ago, UVa tried to recruit Hubert Davis out of Lake Braddock High. He went to UNC and then played 10 years in the NBA. He’s a UNC assistant coach now, and he’s a relative of UNC basketball player Walter Davis. So, I’m sure Hubert Davis follows things at Lake Braddock High also.

Not that it matters, but Lake Braddock’s head basketball coach just won his 500th career game last season, and apparently he favors playing a really fast-breaking, high-scoring offense. So I can’t see Kaiser leaving Lake Braddock for a private high school.

The run and gun chaos cheapens his ppg, yes?

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Maybe. Maybe not. The videos I’ve seen of him are so grainy that I can’t tell exactly what I’m looking at…Remember how Clyde Austin was “like” Allen Iverson before Allen Iverson came along? Clyde never made an NBA roster. But he played on HS teams with big guys who kept getting his missed shots and feeding him the ball over and over…

I looked at the Lake Braddock roster but not too closely. I think Jamie Kaiser is the tallest player on his team, so he has to work hard for his shots and points. He’s also averaging 9 rebs-per-game this year.