Jeff Goodman Joins the podcast to talk uva hoops and more!

A little different podcast today. Former ESPN analyst talks hoops with us. Check it out!


I really like this one. He brought a nice perspective. You guys touched on some pretty interesting topics, too. Paying the players is a really interesting and tough subject, and you have a really interesting perspective on it given that you could directly profit from it a lot. There are so many moving pieces in that whole thing. Overall, great job on this pod guys

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I’m catching up on podcasts and just listened to this one yesterday. @DFresh11 - Hilarious story about winning the Chevy player of the game for the BYU tourney game. I had to check the box score, wish I hadn’t. That was a miserable game to watch. Kind of like the recent games against Florida in the tournament. I was at Nags Head with some friends for spring break, and that was the end of any basketball we watched that week. What surprised me about the box score was how unimpressive Shawn Bradley’s offense and rebound stats were. He just blocked everything with whatever body part he chose to use.


They sent us out to Salt Lake City to play BYU. You nailed it; was just a miserable game for us. Not even sure what the seedings were. Insult to injury was getting that award few years later in the mail. hahahah

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