Jimmy Miller joined the pod

From playing in a Final 4 to covering one.

UMBC and Chaminade…


Wonderful interview! Good insights on lots of events and processes (e.g., recruiting) and history. Thanks, guys.

Jimmy is an all time great Wahoo. Always around but always stayed in the background while being supportive and positive. Great career he had on great teams as well.


Doug, this one is the best so far. My grandparents lived in Princeton when JM played there. When my grandmother found out he was considering UVa, she would save the articles from the paper and give them to me when we went for visits. And one step further, when Princeton won the state title, she went to the parade.

My grandparents are both gone now so listening to Miller brought back some really good memories.


thats so cool to hear Papi. These are the things I love about LRA the Virginia connections from back in the day to now. Awesome

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Awesome @Papihoo. We actually had way more questions, but we hit the 2 hour mark…

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I thought there was a story about an assistant coach running over his dog on a recruiting trip. It must not have been him because I’m sure he would have brought that up.

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@DurtyNellys i think that was Tom Sheehey…