Justin vs Kyle in G league


Arg just saw this wish I caught the whole thing

Kyle 2-10 from 3 right now (29 pts, 11 rbs, 7 assists)

Justin 23 and 9

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Caught a lot of it. Second day in a row they have played a noon game. JA is so physical and has been a force. 23 today and 20 yesterday. KG is the main man for the Charge, especially with all the injuries in Cleveland both the two way guys are with the Cavs. Didn’t shoot it particularly well from 3 yesterday or today, but has been strong finishing at the rim which has been a problem for him at the professional level. KG has really had to put the Charge on his back with a very high usage rate. Frankly both guys are too good for the GLeague, but so are a lot of other guys. Not a lot of D gets played.


Kyle has really improved his driving and he has gotten smarter. I believe he will find him another spot. Justin deserves to be there Period. Of course my opinions are totally unbiased.


JA looked massive, not in a bad way either. He was always stacked, but now he’s got that NBA bruiser look to him and he’s battling on the boards which is pretty awesome to see.


Kyle should be able to find a team and hang around on the bottom of the roster. He deserves a shot (and I think he’d perform). I’m guessing defense is what holds him back. The Charge are terrible so hard to tell what his +/- numbers really mean.