Kansas charged with Level 1 Allegations


I’m really fascinated to see how this all unfolds.

  1. Does Kansas, or anyone for that matter, receive a postseason ban? That’s the only punishment that stings a major program. Anything less and this has all been a huge waste of time.

  2. How long does the process take? Being under the cloud of investigation harms recruiting. Kansas specifically has already had a weakened 2019 class and sitting on zero commits for '20. LSU and Arizona haven’t felt as much impact yet, largely because they’ve benefited from timely local recruits. All three will still get talent though. They’re so embedded in the handler culture that every recruitment is a business transaction, even if it’s favors being exchanged instead of cash.

  3. The NCAA had to go after the the low hanging fruit. Kansas, LSU, Arizona, probably NC State. There’s too much conclusive evidence that specific players were paid. But will they stop there? At Miami for example, we know Adidas was bidding on their behalf against Nike and Arizona for Nassir Little. I’d like to hope they’d take a deeper look into other players that actually ended up there. Like I don’t know, Lonnie Walker who inexplicably chose Miami over Arizona while barely considering schools like Kentucky and Villanova. I could go on. Anyone who follows recruiting closely knew which programs were mixed up in this before the details came out.


Will this kyle guy article about selling shoes have any impact in uva?

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I don’t think what he did is an NCAA violation. I don’t know, if someone wanted to make a fuss maybe they could find a very minor violation. Nothing to worry about. Now if he were doing it in his own name advertising Kyle Guy worn shoes, that would have been a problem. They would have sold for quite a bit more too. haha


Yea can’t imagine they would do anything with Kyle selling shoes. He went out of his way to disconnect himself with the University at all - thats simply being industrious. Kids gotta eat!

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Man, they should get some kind of probation, but it’s the NCAA, so who knows…

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