Kenton Edelin Fund


Thanks for sharing. Done. The Wahoo community is a good one and I think this will make a difference.


Hope his recovery goes as smoothly as it can.

As a person who only started following UVA hoops in the 2000s, I don’t know as much about that era as I should. Was nice to read a little about him and those teams.


He made one of the most significant plays in UVA history, made even better because it was against Dan Dakich. Virginia vs Indiana NCAA East Regional Final March 24, 1984 - YouTube


That is terrible to hear this about Kenton. When i seen the Kenton’s name my mind immediately went back to that play. It was huge and put us in the Final Four. Kenton was a great defensive player, shot blocker and rebounder. Offensive was not his strong suit. I remember holding my breath after he stole that ball. I was afraid he couldn’t dribble that far with pressure coming. But he made it and put us in the Final Four against Houston and Akeem. A bad pass away from beating them…Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family