Khristian Lander

I read yesterday that CTB and Coach O were in Indiana to see Lander. Former top 30 player with a great skill set. I would think adding a five star to our lineup would be nothing but positive and an immense upgrade. Say what you want but the guys out there rating prospects rarely miss on a top 50 player.

Anyone have any inside as to what took place?

Also, former running mate of Franklin so that has to help yes?


Discussed in transfer thread. Might just wanna delete this one

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This is my fault for posting an old tweet. That was from 2 years ago. Just making the point that UVA semi-recruited Lander out of HS. No interest as of yet as far as I know.


went back and saw flashback… sorry guys.

so anxious to learn who’s coming and possibly who’s going. I know this team needs upgrades all around…


Ah, ok. I was like “Wait, they were in Indiana when? Yesterday?”