Latest episode of Hangin' with the hoos (Kihei, Tomas, Papi...)


Oh wow. I think these are the first real sit down long interviews with Tomas and Caffaro since they’ve been here.


Great stuff!

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Apologies for the audio quality. Our mics weren’t adjusted properly…

If you know of anyone that could help in cville! let us know!


I noticed that but it sounded fine. YouTube app seemed to be better than the link in here too

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New art. Thought I’d share. Didn’t know which thread to put it in lol


Finally caught up and watched this. Great stuff. Love the maturity shown by Kihei he is totally stepping into the leadership role and it’s shows in interviews like this.

Tomas is such an important part of this club and I can’t wait to see where he ends up as he develops more confidence in his already deadly shot.

Great to hear from Papi not sure I’ve heard him speak before, maybe a brief moment here or there in a presser. I think he can also turn into something special. I’ll go on record now his 3rd year is going to be special and a throw back to some of the great Hoos we’ve seen in the paint. Love the edge he brings.


Well said

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Art for Instagram of this podcast. I’m really pleased with how it came back


another bit Big B