Loaded new items - signed Kyle Guy Hat

Just wanted to make sure you guys get first dibs on the Kyle Guy Signed Hat. The best part of this site is that fans can directly support the players. 100% of profits go to Kyle Guy and his foundation.


That’s so dope! I have one of those hats signed by coach Bennett, Ty, Mamadi, and Kihei at your event back in September, and would love to get more when guys come to Cville! This hat is dope tho!!!


Ohh I might have to get that. @Merch When y’all gonna get some sizes in stock for the rest of us?

@BDragon What sizes are you referring to? I have some XXLs that I need to load onto the site. We haven’t done Youth sizes yet…


BDragon deserve one for all his work no doubt. Let me know size homeboy we got you


I was thinking a 3X for the hoodies or the track pants. The 2x on the shirts is good.

Save the kids sizes for when the baby arrives tbis summer


Thanks man. I love this site it’s a great community and I’ve had a lot of fun hanging around

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What sizes you got in stock now?

@Hoosthechamp the only sizes i haven’t put up yet are the 2xls… Just bc they are more expensive it takes a little more work. I will put it up tonight.

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I went to order one and didn’t see no sizes

Are all the caps a fit most size? I didn’t see that on the Kyle Guy cap

Yes, they are just a general nike snap back. Didn’t think to put sizes as I wasn’t expecting people to wear them…but I guess you could.


Delete if not allowed but Mamadi is selling some of his gear on Instagram right now. (Everythings a XL) Has shorts, hoodies, etc. Thought maybe someone would want to check it out.

I’ve being watching that all day. He’s selling some pretty cool stuff including his practice jersey

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No Mamadi. keep your stuff man


Yea those are keepsakes that you end up missing later


Nice signature. KGuy merge. Though I am not getting what the symbols stand for at the bottom of the “y” and to its right.

It’s a #5 next to the y

What is Kyle’s foundation?

His foundation isn’t quite set yet,…but its something he is putting together!

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