London Johnson Contenders & Other 2023 Updates

The Fall Recruiting Thread is rather long, so let’s move things over here.


“Norcross (Ga.) point guard London Johnson no longer is expected to be in Auburn this weekend. Johnson, a top target in the 2023 class, previously had scheduled an official visit to Auburn, but has canceled. The feeling with Johnson is that he’s ready to make a commitment, and that doesn’t appear to be good news for Auburn. Sources close to his recruitment believe Johnson will announce his college choice soon and that it likely will not be Auburn.”


My feel good meter is sky high. Would be Tony’s most impressive pull to date if he ends up here and would cement the roll we’re on with recruiting. Building a national title roster!


Holy crap dude. This might happen


The complete opposite of Keels/how a lot of our recruitments have gone down


Tony is on fire!


Getting ahead of myself as we haven’t even seen the season play out, but if Kadin isn’t here for all his 5 or 6 years you think they recruit another additional forward in 2023 or fill it with a veteran transfer? Traudt and athletic forward being the only two players on the roster taller than 6’8 is mad suspect, even in the era of small ball which I get.

Edit: forgot igor, but he’s clearly a 2guard. Talking about post depth

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True! This is the type of recruitment where we find success.

Yes he is! It seems he has reached a new level of success in recruiting. I think it’s a combination of National Championship, continued success, and retirement of Coach K and Williams.


By not streaming the Blue-White game, Johnson had to visit in order to watch it. Tony is 2 steps ahead of everyone.


I’ll be shocked if Kadin is here longer than next season. So yea I’d be inclined to think we take a 2023 forward and then a transfer. But Tony seems comfortable with only 3 post players and Igor this year so not sure he wouldn’t be okay with only Traudt, Igor and Bond at the 4, and a 2023 in a future season.

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What you hearing Billy?? When am I gonna see the mic drop gif?

So basically elite PG wants to play at elite ACC program, of which there are three, two of whom already have point guard commitments for that year.

I’ll take it.

Duke sucks.


Yes baby Jesus


Auburn fan reacts to that news…

pearl jr4


Auburn rapidly become one of my least favorite teams/fanbases after our final four match-up. I like having somebody to pull against in SEC basketball.


I’ve heard nothing about this one.

Honestly, seems crazy if it’s at this point already.

Pumped if it happens tho. He’ll thrive here.


Oh man, I had almost forgotten about her. She’s kinda terrible.

Recruiting can be a funny (and painful game). Sometimes coaches work their behinds off - get everything lined up just right - win the mom, win the dad, win whomever and then the 16-17 year old goes in a completely different direction.
Other times a recruit will fall into your laps that you never expected, or didn’t work that hard on.
Perhaps over time those things even out. But just beware - Dave Odom could still run over the recruits dog!


Did that happen?