Luka Garza of Iowa

Who is the :grinning: UVa assistant coach they’re referring to? :crazy_face: [Luka Garza’s path from overweight high schooler to Iowa center (]

Unrelated to your question, but Garza is a BEAST. This dude is real deal

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Yep. He’s going to be the consensus National Player-Of-The-Year this season. There’s no one he reminds me of. He’s not as tall as Yao Ming, but he’s taller than Tyler Hansbrough.

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Hav made great call on this one. Eric Montross

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he looks like wally szczerbiak got left in the oven too long


LOL OMG I can’t believe you went there. I’m never going to be able to un see that now.

Fresh and Hav are right he does remind of Montross from back his Tar Heel days.

Yes, except he’s better than Montross at this stage, but I still don’t know that Garza’s foot speed is fast enough for him to keep up in the NBA.

Actually, Garza’s style reminds me of another UNC center, Warren Martin. Did Warren Martin ever take a shot more than 4 feet from the basket in college?

Funny comparing eras. My guess is Montross much bigger NBA prospect then than Garza will be now


He was considerably less than impressive today. He mostly looked like a lumbering SG wanna be. This was the only chance I’ve had to see him, but if he plays the same for the rest of the season, he is not going to be ncaa poy .

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I just seen a few minutes but Minnesota kept Garza bottled up .He really struggled

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Warren Martin couldn’t make nothing but a layup and dunk. That was his whole game. Dean Smith recruited him to put a big body on Ralph and to keep him from playing with Ralph