Mailbag: NIL, next year's rotation, +more


Great stuff as always. It may have an 8 minute reading time, but then I spend 75 more trying to read between the lines!


HGN more of an connect the dots guy than read between the lines if thaf helps…


From HGN: “I asked someone who’s very familiar with UVA’s infrastructure how much a hypothetical top 75 recruit that contributes as a freshman could potentially earn in NIL deals in their first year. The number surprised me. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I’d guess it’s not that far off from what some other programs operating outside the rules might offer.”

Very curious to know what that number is and what the components of it are. 50-75k? (Not asking @HoozGotNext , but others to speculate along with me…)

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Right around my guess. Proly closer to fitty.

Total guess though

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This is exactly why the NCAA needs to lift NIL restrictions during recruiting… We would be able to compete with the programs that are currently offering NIL prior to recruits/transfers signing with the schools. Lift the restrictions and level the playing field!