Mailbag: Reece Beekman, Bennett and Harris Meeting, + Comping the '19 and '21 Offenses

Fresh, HGN, and I discuss what REALLY happened when Joe Harris drove to the Bennett house in 2013, how special Reece Beekman is, and how this year’s offense compares to 2019’s:


Last part is gold :joy:


Such a neat piece of history you got to witness! Something you can always tell to bond with UVA fans and that people outside of the fan base will wonder why the hell you’re telling them about it lol


I really like the Mail Bag .Great questions and answers. It is very interesting. Zach, you have done it again. Wow

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No but seriously why hasn’t mckneeley committed yet

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What’s up with Caffaro? Surprised he hasn’t locked down the back up center role - was flashing last year and seems much quieter now. I know he’s getting pushed by Kadin, but he seems further ahead physically - what am I missing?

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I think Caffaro has to expand his offensive game to ever get more than limited minutes. Same thing we talked about when he signed. Ideally a big man today either is a great rim protector or stretches the floor, preferably both. If not, you really have to be special in the middle. He’s a solid backup option though. He battles, has that Salt thing going where he doesn’t block many shots but he bothers them. Just Kadin is a little better, especially with what they’re doing offensively.