Miami game thread

Am I nuts, or is it hanging on the third chair in, from the scorer’s table? Or both?


Wow, great spot, that looks like the flag to me. Love Papi.


Lol yeah that’s it. He brought it to the arena. He’s proud, can’t blame him.


Yeah same here. I’m fine with Jayden taking a couple of those open mid range jumpers per game, he makes them at a good enough clip and it helps to open up the pump fake and drive game for him a little easier. But I would like to see him go in attack mode more often when being checked by an opposing 4 man who is really a wing. Taking advantage of the mismatch and being able to get a guy like Miller in foul trouble would be a huge benefit to us tonight.

I never like to make predictions but the PF spot tonight is very interesting…

Here’s a dumb question - does Tony Bennett know Crotty? Meaning when Crotty walks up in an empty gym, does he have to say or remind him “Hey Coach, I’m John Crotty.”? They may have crossed paths in the NBA. I know Crotty calls games in Miami and so maybe he reaches out every year, but I wonder did he ever have to introduce himself a few times.

I once was at a PIT game for college seniors and there are lots of NBA scouts and execs, some of whom are famous oldies. But standing in the corner of the gym was Odell Hodge for ODU who I think was two-time CAA POY and beside him was someone older like John Havlicek. And I wondered as neither acknowledged the other from 2 feet away, if either had any idea who the other was.


Ha. Yea Tony and Crotty know each other for sure. First name basis type shit. Played against each other in the NBA as well. Not unsimilar roles


How’s everyone feeling about tonight? Would love to avoid a 2-game losing streak and feel good about the matchup.


Gonna be a tough game for sure, Miami is well coached and has top of the line guard play.

Barring any attrition I don’t see us losing any more than five games in conference play, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the five.

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I think we lose tonight but then don’t lose for a good while after. As HGN pointed out Wong has never ever had a good game against us. He’s due w Reece gimpy. 67-63 Canes

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Yeah if we lose a close one where Miami shoots well I won’t be concerned. This is probably our hardest ACC game for quite a while

I just want to see some threes fall for us again tonight. Miami gave up 100+ points to Cornell. Don’t think they’re a defensive force.


I had a shitty day. We better not lose.


I had a great day. We’d better not lose.


I had an average day. We better not lose.


What’s our record now in the state of Florida?

No idea win or lose but Norchad Omier was 2nd on my transfer portal wishlist behind Ricky Council :frowning: WIll be interesting to see him matched vs our front court and who wins that battle.

To be fair my 3rd wishlist target was Jalen Bridges and he was an absolute non factor for Baylor in their game vs us.


DeAndre Hunter man

Why oh why doesn’t the pre game link get posted here?