My Favorite UVa Football Jersey

The1998 Reebok jerseys are my favorite of all time. Not only was it a good time for Virginia football, it was one of the last schools that Reebok sponsored before they fell to the powers of Nike, Adidas and Under Armor. The collar mirrored what the basketball team had on their uniforms and the sharp edged numbers were a thing of beauty.

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Never knew the details about the collars. Great jerseys there.

Just because I am early 90s guy (great great teams then) Imma go with this simple jersey worn by my favorite UVa football player of all time. Love the V on the shoulder and reminds me of Scott Stadium on Saturdays!

These are awesome! I’m a big fan of this year’s orange jerseys

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That’s crazy I never knew that about the collars. Those jersey’s represent my favorite time as a hoos fan for sure. But my favorite uni will always be the old school orange with the white helmets.