NBA Early Draft Entry / G-League Discussion (Formerly 2022 Recruiting Offers)

Thought I’d start a new thread since the Recruiting Rundown thread has actually turned Wild & Wacky like the title.


Now that I just posted the two Twitter announcements together… they seem oddly coordinated/similar.


I really hope we can get these two and wrap them up quickly.

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Maybe the staff shares some pics after the offer for use on social?

So, what does it say that the first two offers are to wings?

I think these two are the first offers we really expected, no?

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Yes, I agree and really want them but I think it says our staff isn’t as worried about bigs or bigger wings as some here have suggested. Also, I think it says that we lead or are among leaders for these two.

I want Justin because my heart know he want tu be at UVA and love the program. He is a good player. But my mind is saying we need more athleticism and a player that can create for himself and others. We nerd guys with more burst. So im in between.


Chief If we get Mckneely we cant get Zeb. LMAO

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McKneely won’t play the point at UVA. Zeb can play both and Reece may be here 2-3 years. It really depends wether there are transfers out and I’m not going there. I think CTB really likes playing 3 guards. I could see it under certain circumstances.

I know its highlight film but Justin appears pretty athletic with good hops and good handle. At 6’6 I think he would be good in the packline.

I think Justin Taylor is definitely athletic, but I don’t think he has the quickness and bounce of players like Mamadi, Atkins, Akil, or Dre. Think he’d be good offensively, but I worry a little the fit with our defense given out other pieces. Those big 3/4 guys are absolutely key in our system.

Obviously since staff want him I’m all for it. There is part of me that thinks getting McKneely and then a rangy athletic 3/4 might be the ideal combo. But I also have no idea what I’m talking about.


We do have 5 open scholarships. Conceivably could take McKneely and Taylor and still have room for a PG, athletic wing, and post player. Obviously won’t all be 2022 kids but between late 21, transfers, and 22.


Good call. We need to put Jazz in the LRA staff directory cause he’s always doing work around here.


@HoozGotNext What can I say… military career has made me pretty organized. My family would call it anal retentitive…


Thanks for your service Jazz!


@HoozGotNext do you know if there has been any reconsideration on whether they take a pure pg in 2022? Or do you take a combo like McKneely and put him on the floor with 1 or 2 other combo guard? You lose a floor general aspect but in return you get the ball moving more and less stuck over dribbling in one player’s hands. Me personally, I am the fan of the latter unless you have a true stud playmaker at the 1. Also we probably will need Reece’s successor here and groomed for a year or two. Ive been vocal about my want of MJ Rice and I am glad he is atleast on our radar (even if he is gone the second Duke offers, having grown up in Durham although he has connections to our team through Murphy, McKoy, and McCorkle. No idea if he knows Huff or Kadin).

If you want tu have chemistry issues you do this. We already have Casey, Jabri, Carson, Reece and Taine. You want tu add Mckneely, Justin, a Pg AND another wing. I strongly disagree. LOL

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Didn’t say I want to. Said we have the scholarships to do it if the staff wanted to.

Oh I feel sure they’ll have another true PG on the roster in '22. By Spring they’ll be recruiting them, but there’s always the possibility of a late '21 addition or a transfer that takes it off the table.

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