NBA Early Draft Entry / G-League Discussion (Formerly 2022 Recruiting Offers)


I thought telling him he’s the next Evan Nolte would’ve worked better but that’s just me.


Just checked out Klintman’s highlights. I like him. My non-expert thoughts are that he has good shooting form, moves smoothly, has much better vision/passing than a lot of wings his size, and seems to be developing some bounce (in his older highlights he doesn’t elevate to the rim as much but in the more recent clips he’s got a couple decent dunks). Obviously the level of competition makes it hard to take too much away, but at the very least, he seems to be able to knock down open threes. Didn’t see much mid-range action, but it’s possible his team discourages those shots like a lot teams do now.

Anyway, maybe he’ll replace Jeremy Sochan as my new favorite under-the-radar foreign recruit I hope we snag.


THANK GARD. I dont say anything but I hate them. Perfect example of how you ignore post. I just skip right pass them.

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I think Joe would be better . He would run away if we said Nolte. Until Sam by the way. Nolte was the top player I couldnt understand his downfall in shooting. WOW!!!

I agree with you Maine. He look good but they all do on tape. Not knowing the competition is a huge issue. I been hearing about Sochran decommitting? Did he decomit from Baylor?

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Rivals updated 2022 150. We seem to be back to the norm of living in the 50-125 range after going all in in 21. These updates really mean nothing since most guys aren,t playing but was somewhat surprised with the lowish rankings of Bunch, Shelby and Hand. Notables (ie guys ive seen us mentioned with in the past few months):

Dort - 26
Rice - 27
Aire - 55
McKneely - 57
Nunez - 63
Smith - 64
Traudt - 66
Heide - 68
Taylor - 69
Rice - 77
Hendricks -82
Mahaney - 86
Nickel - 91
Hand - 97
Flipowski - 117
Bunch -126
Brown - 142
Shelby - 145
Dinkins - NR

2022 Rivals150 Prospect Ranking


I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure we are not talking about the same thing.


We’re going to open a PDF. Who’s next?

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UVA is going to get more involved with this guy. Skilled forward out of Braxton Key’s old Nashville school. Popular guy lately.


Makes me wonder if one of our starting bigs next season will be a transfer. Could easily see that. Not sure if Shedrick is ready and Murphy is more 3 than 4 imo.

The guard rotation with Kihei Beekman Murphy Morsell is pretty set and very strong, but we have a lot of scoring output to replace in Hauser and Huff and not a lot of experience on the roster to fill it.

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Murphy may be more 3 than 4 … but right now he projects to get the majority of minutes at the 4 next year.

That said, it feels harder to project rosters to the out years (even the next year) given all of the current questions about eligibility and transfer rules.

No? As of now we only have Caffarro, Shedrick and McKoy. We actually NEED atleast one more big and hopefully in the Mamadi quick leaped, long defender mold.

Oh I misread what you wrote…Yes we would need a transfer ideally in the Mamadi mold who is ready to play…but no matter the accolades of our bigs they always struggle with the pack line their first year :cry:

I think we’ll have an easy time selling replacing Sam or Jays role to a high level 4 or 5 transfer. Frankly I’d be mildly surprised if that doesn’t pan out.


That remains our best option for next year.

I have a tough time thinking that a transfer 4 or 5 will be able to come in and master the packline without a redshirt year. Regardless of their experience.

In all, it will be interesting how our recruiting of big men plays out. Recruits can all see that it took Huff + Diakite 3 years in the system before they had reliable contributions. If Shedrick isn’t playing by next year…

Edit: clarifying 4 or 5 transfer


Trey is going just fine, but yes it’ll be more difficult for a big.

Zay said it was easy for him to lean on one of the podcasts over the summer. So not impossible for a transfer to get it down right away

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I don’t think the redshirt year does much in terms of learning the pack line. Scout team ain’t running the pack. Look at Sam this year for instance, if he’d been hard hedging in practice everyday for a year they prolly wouldn’t be switching 1-4 rn. Always gonna be an adjustment period for a guys first year on the court, but how quickly they adapt depends on the player.