NCAA voted to be able to earn off the players name, image, and likeness

Earlier today, it was announced that the NCAA board voted unanimously to “allow athletes to profit from likeness”. This means player’s names could be on official jerseys sold to us (the fans), NCAA college football game might comeback, and so, so much more. The board wants the new rules implemented by January 2021. This could change everything about NCAA sports, and how we view them and experience them. I have attached the link to one of the dozens of articles written about this. This is very exciting, and so many people could benefit in so many ways. Anyways, if any more news comes out about this I will be sure to write something. Go Hoos!


I’m in favor on principle. But it’s gonna get messy. They’ll attempt to keep it from turning into boosters buying recruits. The end result will be a heavily regulated system that won’t satisfy the pay the players mob.


What seems most likely to develop is some type of system where, if a college athlete wants to do an endorsement deal, it has to be approved by the NCAA or some independent group based on whether it’s market-rate pay and whether it had any relationship to the recruiting process. In other words, get ready to put yet another layer of bureaucracy onto an organization that already ties itself in knots with red tape.


huge sci-fi fan growing up, have forgotten the writer and title, but there was one whose future had the for mentioned process in place - the richest (Ivy League) schools dominated sports


This article’s opinion tilts more negative than just uncertain, but I think it’s fair to pump the brakes in terms of some places describing this decision as NCAA clearing the way for player compensation:

" The Board of Governors did not make a change to NCAA bylaws which makes it legal for athletes to make money off their likeness.

The Board of Governors issued an “action” which tells their three divisions — DI, DII, and DIII — to “consider updates.” Basically, they are ordering the divisions to think about things.

This changes nothing. This is the formation of some working groups. We might even get a subcommittee out of it. The funny thing is, they’ve already done this. In May, the NCAA announced that it had formed a working group to consider the question of compensation for athlete likeness.

They’ve now apparently had their working group, and have come up with the action to … form more working groups. This time the working groups are at the divisional level."

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I certainly get the concern about the rich dominating, but I think this is already the case in the current system. Check out the table in this article about D1 basketball spending (looking at spending for 2016):

Looking at each team, there certainly isn’t a 1-to-1 correlation between expenses and performance, but broadly, the better teams spend more money, and the better conferences spend more money on average. The “mid-major” teams that compete with the power conference teams like Gonzaga, VCU, spend money like power conference teams too.