NCAAT First Round - Furman vs Virginia (12:30 PM, TruTV, Thursday, 16 Mar 2023)

Tons of current and past players posted this on their instagram. Some of them: Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, Sam Hauser, Braxton, Trey Murphy, Reece, Kadin, Devon, Jack Salt, and on and on.

Love to see it.


It’s a shame that someone who played a key role on 3 ACC regular season championship teams will always have that last gaffe mentioned as part of the legacy.


I would guess as time goes on, people will remember 2019 and not a random tourney when we weren’t supposed to go far anyways. For better or worse, only 2016, 18 and 19 stick in my head.


Same, I think because those are the years I thought we had a legitimate chance to win it all.

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Maybe, but every time I hear the name “Chris Webber,” I think of the technical foul for the timeout he tried to call against UNC.


To be fair, Kihei had 5 years of plays to Webber’s one.

Kihei had a great run with many unforgettable plays. I’ll never forget his crafty stop-short to get Amin to foul out in a tight one with Oregon. That craven flopper was pulling shenanigans all night, so it was fitting he got DQed on a cheesy move.


It was Webber’s second year — and fair enough.

You’re absolutely right. My mistake. Webber did play two years.

TL;DNR - Even at times like this, I love Virginia basketball (h/t @BDragon)

I didn’t get to watch our game live because I took the wrong side of the “what day will we be playing” coin flip and made plans with my girlfriend’s family to go to Joshua Tree on Thursday. We all put our phones in airplane mode to avoid any spoilers (mostly for me, but also bc they are all WSU Cougs and therefore have a good amount of love for CTB) and had a wonderful day in the park. When we got back, I hid until my girlfriend got the recording of the game ready, just in case somehow the score might have popped up or the game might have otherwise been spoiled. And then I got on the roller coaster all of you had ridden about 8 hours earlier. When it ended, I turned my phone back on and saw the ~500 messages in the group text I have with some of my fraternity brothers that is mainly dedicated to uva basketball with a side helping of football and, more recently, baby pictures. I didn’t have the heart to read through them, nor did I have it in me to get caught up on this game thread. But when I texted the group to let them know I’d seen the game, they told me that they’d had a big debate about whether they should try to let me know what happened in order to spare me the shock and pain that everyone watching in real time must have felt. And while I appreciated them for considering that option, I knew right away that I wouldn’t have wanted that because if I’d known the ending, I wouldn’t have watched the game. Despite all the peaks and valleys, especially the lowest valley at the end, I’m glad I watched it so I could have one last ride with this team. It wasn’t always pretty. Shit, most of the time it was straight up ugly. But I feel so lucky that this group of guys was my team. One of the best and hardest things about “get old, stay old” is that you get to root for people instead of laundry. I don’t think I need to explain why that is great, but the hard part is saying “goodbye” when it’s over. That goes for the guys who have been here “since Ralph Sampson hosted them on their recruiting visit” and for the ones so new that I would need help picking out their ‘stache on a Pringle’s can and everyone in between. Beyond individual basketball players leaving, it’s also hard to say goodbye to this particular team. I’m so proud to call this team “my team”. Looking around college basketball, it seems like there are fewer and fewer fans that get to say that. So while I know we’ll have a team next season and I can’t wait to meet that team and based on our and CTB’s track record, I fully expect to be So Damn Proud of that team as well, I’m so grateful for this team, warts and all.
I’m also grateful for this group. While we might fly a little bit off the handle sometimes (yeah I read that Transfer thread before it closed), LRA has made these last couple seasons some of my favorites. The only thing better than UVA basketball alone is having a community to share it with - so thank you to all of you.

And if you’ve made it this far…go back to work - you can’t be that bored. But while you’re here, enjoy these pictures from Joshua Tree (assuming they actually uploaded correctly)
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