New Class of 2021 offer extended

Tony Bennett didn’t wait long to turn his attention to the 2021 class after using his final scholarship for next season on Rice transfer Trey Murphy. Germantown (PA) guard Jordan Longino got the call today that he has earned a UVA offer.

The 6’5 guard, who doubles as a standout quarterback during football season, is also being heavily recruited by nearby Villanova. Other offers include Indiana, Marquette, and Florida. Bennett watched him frequently last summer when he played for DeAndre Hunter’s old AAU program Philly Pride on the Under Armour circuit.

Villanova is believed to be the favorite to land Longino. It’s an interesting offer because he is somewhat similar to UVA’s prime target Trevor Keels, who the Hoos are batting Villanova for. Today’s offer could position both program well to get a terrific player. Yesterday, Keels shot down rumors that he would be committing soon.

Jordan Longino’s junior season highlights


It could be that this offer goes out after we addressed one of our needs with Murphy.

But it’s hard not to notice, as Hooz mentions above, that we offered a SG in Villanova’s backyard after all the WeJustDontMiss drama this week.

It’s easy to assume that this means we don’t feel as strongly about our position today as we did on Monday.

But, I’m going to go in the other direction. Longino is, based on Crystal Balls, a heavy Nova lean. My glass-half full is this puts pressure on both kids. If they don’t go with their gut, the opportunity might not be there if they wait.

Tony has made Trevor his #1 guard all year. We’re not entering put up or shut up time. #TonyKGB


Offer to Longino actually might put pressure on Nova to close the deal with him – because my understanding is that he is one of their #1 priorities – and if that occurs, then Nova will be less attractive to Keels, which helps us – BUT, Puke still lurks out there for Keels, and his P6 teammate Roach will be at Puke beginning in the fall, which might be an additional draw.


Very similar size and body style to Keels. May have more range on his jumper than Keels but doesn’t seem to like to mix it up inside as much. Nice pull up midrange jumper. Can improve shooting consistency if he eliminates the leg kick when he elevates.

Timing of offer seems to be related to Murphy. With Murphy on board maybe they would take Keels and Longino under JWilly’s 3rd scholarship to best available player option. With Hauser and Woldo leaving after next year, and uncertainty about Morsell’s J and McCorkle’s return from injury, another shooter would be wise.


Well said, I was about to say the same thing.


Makes sense to me. Seems like us and Villanova seem to go after the same types of recruits, so why not Longino. We just won a recruiting battle with them over Murphy, lets keep at it.


Or perhaps UVA coaches have more information and are helping Keels with the smokescreen he put up after theTwitter buzz earlier this week? He wants to announce later so we offer a kid we know is a Nova lock.

That’s some inception level stuff there…:face_with_monocle:


maybe Tony is just helping Bronco recruit a quarterback

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