New podcast is up with a ton of guests


Just downloaded this episode - I’m going to save it for the drive to the game tomorrow. Thanks for something great to listen to!

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Tell us what u think @stoke

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Good stuff. The segment with the Columbia coach was more interesting than I expected, actually seemed that he was more willing to give up scouting info on their team than Kirk Penney was. Very cool to listen to Mark Jerome and Kyle Guy’s parents share memories of the tournament run - hopefully you can do a Hangin episode with more parents when the reunion they mentioned rolls around.

I hope your audience for these podcasts and videos is growing. I’m sure there are many many fans who will really enjoy them once they discover them. Mark Jerome does a terrific job and obviously has great connections with folks around the program and others in the basketball community. Keep it coming!


Thanks @stoke. We are trying and will get better as we keep doing this.

We are working on better audio, an intro, and obviously more guests.

It’s a work in progress, but you can see or i guess hear the potential…

Drop any feedback. we are all ears!


I’ve been loving the podcasts!

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