New Podcast is up.... with AG, Q&A

He’ll be key. We’re seeing right now the problems from not having a dependable backup PG or even secondary ball handler on the court. I don’t expect him to be consistently productive as a first-year. But I think by January he’s in a 15 minute or so role off the bench and occasionally provides a big spark or even impressive stat line. The thing about Reece is he’s steady. Takes care of the ball, plays within himself. He has a very mature mind for the game. Needs to improve his body a lot, and his outside shot.

I’ll add this little nugget that I think it’s okay to talk about now. They had wanted Reece to reclassify up, or at least presented the option that he passed on. The plan would have been for him to redshirt this season. Probably a good thing he didn’t. Fans would be clamoring right now for him to play.


@HoozGotNext…appreciate it.

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Motivation to create LRA?
Story of how it has come to be what it is today?
Who thought of it?

Right. I also see 2021 as a big recruiting test. Obviously in terms of recruiting, 2020 was a big win for CTB as was 2016. So now the big question is, will 2021 be the same as 2017? Im betting 2021 will be another significant recruiting win and the beginning of a new trend in UVA recruiting. Winning a national championship is the catalyst that changes that(destroying the negative stigma that UVA’s system cant win come tournament time), and also having one of the highest offensive efficiency ratings in the nation last year. I think recruits are starting to see that if you want to improve your game, UVA is the best school for an all around basketball education…Not Duke, not Kentucky, Not UNC.
So Im thinking Virginia is the premier place to be for recruits ranked 30-100. Which might actually be the best ones out there because they have a higher ceiling for improvement vs the one and doners.
Plus, Tony Bennett seems to have a higher likability factor compared to many other college basketball coaches who strike me as a bit cold. Of course Im bias, and this is a very subjective opinion, but Tony seems more personal and a coach that developing players can build a relationship with. Coach K, Roy WIlliams, and John Calipari just dont seem as genuine and also seem to possess colder personalities compared to Tony. Thus They may be better suited for short term recruits seeking media exposure and quickly on to the next step in life. Duke players calling themselves “The Brotherhood” makes no sense and is just a gimmick if you ask me. However, I believe UVA is the place where this “Brotherhood” culture is growing and strengthening under the best all around coach in the country.


Posted now. @KingIndig0 Sorry, we totally missed your question. Talked to Mark and he is going to follow up with Ty on exactly how it went down. But basically, Ty was just going to hang out with Coach Willy and caught up with DaRon Holmes…Not sure if there’s more to it then that, but will let you know.
Let us know what you think of the Podcast. We’ll get better and more entertaining the more we do this… Keep the questions coming? May be have you guys join a podcast with us…hmmm


Awesome that it included us…Thank u!!

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Just finished the awesome podcast. Great job, very informative, and very enjoyable!

Thanks for taking our questions. Good stuff!

Love the podcast. Thanks for taking my questions. Made for a great listen.

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