New Podcast is up.... with AG, Q&A

With the bye week, wanted to answer some questions from the forum. We’ll have @HoozGotNext @DFresh11and @Marktykobe. Let us know what ?s you may have. We’re also going to catchup with @AnthonyGill13. Let us know ur questions!

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How big of a deal is it that Ty was at DaRon Holmes game the other night? Both in terms of general recruiting impact when an NBA player comes and specifically what it means between us and Holmes.

For AG:

  1. Still have that two headed cat?
  2. How has playing overseas shaped your game?
  3. Any plans to come back to play in the states?

Ag: whats ur relationship with TB like now

For the guys. Would love to hear your thoughts on clark and huff…those seem to he the most talked about players.

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For the panel. Thoughts or insights into if anything was said to Tomas between Purdue and Carolina he looked like a different player on Sunday

For the panel what do you think the starting lineup will be come March?

For AG what lessons from his time at UVa had the most influence on him and his teansition to the pros


great questions there

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Thx decided to put my journalist hat back on

For AG, what are the pros and cons of international basketball? Any advice for guys considering that route vs G-League?

For the panel, thoughts on reasons behind 3 point struggles and thoughts going forward. Pressure? New distance? Maybe injury (Tomas)?

Favorite Grateful Dead song? :wink:

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How much to advertise on the podcast?

What are the deadlines to order merch for Xmas?

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What’s the story behind how Locker Room Access came to be?

Are you breaking new ground connecting athletes, coaches, and fans on this kind of site?

Is there anything special about the UVA program and culture that has helped this come together?

What have you enjoyed most about it so far?


It looks like Efton Reid, Trevor Keels, DaRon Holmes, and Caleb Furst are Virginia’s top 2021 recruiting targets. Holmes seemed to enjoy his visit, but later indicated he won’t make a decision until his senior year. Keels just received a Duke offer. Reid seems to keep things quiet, but gets lots of attention from Bennett. And Virginia seems to be keeping things warm with Furst.

Any updates on those Big Four? Any chance any of them are near committing?


And ask AG if he sees any of himself in McKoy’s game.

I’d like to hear the panels assessment of McKoy, Stattmann, Caffaro, Woldo and Morsell. What each one brings to the table, what they are doing well so far, and what they need to work on (okay, besides shooting 3s). Also, what do you see each one’s likely contribution to be for the rest of this season and then over the next couple of seasons. Thanks.

Panel: After winning it all, Are our chances of having consistently strong recruiting classes like our 2020 class a likelihood, or do we have more 2017 recruiting years ahead of us?

We did the podcast this morning. This was the last question that made it, and I kinda blew it off. Didn’t read it myself here and didn’t grasp what was being asked. Short answer is nothing you haven’t already seen here…and Reid is definitely the closest, not that you should expect anything before Spring.

I think this was posted too late to make it in. I did bring up Caffaro in our talk, breakout or situational play vs UNC? I’m not sure myself. Think the rest of the gang felt sure that was a breakout and he’ll be a factor the rest of the season. We’re all concerned about Casey’s shooting, at least for this season. Doug did a great job of breaking that down.

I love all four freshmen long term. McKoy’s glue guy play has been really encouraging. He’s very skilled too. That’s the exciting part. We haven’t seen much of that yet. Eventually I feel like Tomas or Stattmann will step up and eat into the others time this season, Tomas with the edge after last game. Huge year for Kody to prove himself. If not, he could be passed by next season. Casey’s a future star obviously.


Great question. To be answered this off-season. I expect reality to be somewhere between. It’s not just winning a title that changed. I’ve written entire articles on the subject. The offensive adjustments have changed perceptions, and sending guys to the league early. I don’t think we get Jabri a year ago. That said, we’re still a program built on developing guys, building experience. That makes it hard to consistently put together good recruiting classes, at least as measured by rankings. This '21 guard spot is a great test. In the past, we would struggle that spot. It’s basically where we took Marco Anthony back in '17.



As much as I believe from everything I’ve seen and heard (with the roster make-up completely in mind/relevant) what kind of impact do you think Reece makes in year 1?