New type of Top 32 poll - Predictive

Interested in getting feedback on how you all would rank teams now based on what you’ve seen simply by how far you think they’ll get in March. Might have an every 2 week version of this as we progress through the season.
Just thought it would be fun.
1-4 = Final 4
5-8 = Elite 8
9-16 = Sweet 16
17-32 = 2nd Round


Could probably do something with the poll features here. If I have time this week, maybe I’ll play around with it.

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Final Four: Virginia, Arizona, Houston, UConn

Elite 8: Texas, Baylor, Creighton, San Diego State

Sweet 16: Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Purdue, Alabama, Ohio State, Kansas, Indiana

2nd Round: Illinois, Arkansas, UCLA, Gonzaga, Auburn, Maryland, Michigan State, Xavier, Wisconsin, Iowa, Miss St, St Johns, Missouri, St Mary’s, Kansas State, Virginia Tech

I am sure I left someone obvious out …Kentucky, Duke, UNC in sweet 16 because they will all get nice paths when brackets are dropped.