🏈 NFL draft…

Like the last couple of picks for Washington.

Hope we address the OL soon.

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Totally no way all 6 of those guys pan out. Also most of them are going to teams with new coaches and systems that’s a potential disaster

I’ll sound like an old fart saying this probably, but I wish we could go back to just the commissioner & deputy making the pick announcements without all these former player and guest theatric announcements.


You’re not wronf I also wish we’d go back to a 2 day draft. This 4 day thing is too much


If he turns out to be a stud it could save them millions on the 5th year option. Wr could be making in the mid 30 a year by that time. To me what the gave up was minimal on the potential return.

I honestly think you look back and the second to the 4th. Rd might be the best Washington done in decades. The DT was a force your hand pick he was way to talented not to pick. The CB was rated the best slot cornerback that is very physical. The TE is and faster juszczyk. The OT was a great value at that pick. The Wr was definitely a stretch but hey he a mccaffrey🤷. The main thing all these players have is toughness and versatility. I honestly believe Washington had a masterful draft so far

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Got to give it to that Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, Fred Davis year! (Jk)

:joy: I didn’t see the JK part and was l what the Fck did he drink this early. I want some

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You’re right.

I was a little quick to judge, and after processing the moves, actually really like them. Wish we had gotten one more OL but a lot to like.

Drafting a DT with a 1st round grade gives us depth and flexibility, and makes it so we’re not in a a long term arrangement with both Allen & Payne.

CB from Michigan is small, but the experts love him, and with a WR background maybe we use him on KR/PR as well.

Ertz is a one year rental at TE, and we got the guy who is #2 on most boards.

Coleman is intriguing. Measurables off the chart, athletic, smart, good attitude. Wondering why he didn’t have a higher grade going into the draft. Seems like with OL and this draft, there weren’t necessarily a lot of franchise guys, but a bunch with similar upside, and it just came down to team preference/fit as far as the order drafted more than predetermined “ranking”.

I’m a fan of the McCaffery pick. You know you’re getting a guy who knows what it means to be a pro football player because he grew up with it. Plays a lot like his Dad, who was also a 3rd rounder. He’s smart, skilled and will work his ass off…good 3rd WR and security blanket for Daniel’s.

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Few things make me happier tha ln seeing the joy and optimism in a Washington fans eyes after draft night. Knowing that it will all come crashing down by Nov.


It’s a new day…at least I’m telling myself that.

Snyder era is dead. We have an actual GM, and not just a puppet for the owner. I’m still on the fence about Quinn from his Falcon days, but his guys in Dallas loved him, and we got free agents this year who took shorter/cheaper deals to play for him.

The thing that gives me hope is we pretty much had holes across the roster when the season ended, and smart free agency and smart drafting, most of the holes have been filled with serviceable talent. Still a long way to go in the rebuild, and not a contender yet, but I think we could in 2-3 years.

The previous ownership/front office would have given out stupid deals to washed up players, drafted the wrong guys, and filled maybe half of the holes the current group has.


Snyder was the gift that kept on giving as a Cowboys fan. Everything you said is exactly why I hate this version of Washington. There’s actually logic and football people doing football things.

Where’s the team that’s gonna drop 2 bags to get chris long outta retirement?


Facts. Where’s the Washington team I knew and I loved? (As an Eagles fan)

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Still concerned about the OLine for Washington. Both because of the OL coach and the lack of talent at tackle.

It’s the hope that kills you

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Me too. Daniels isn’t a big guy and we don’t want him getting killed during the season. That said, a few more picks today, and still have plenty of cap space if there’s a cap casualty cut from another team before training camp starts.


HELL YEAH. As a Phins fan I couldn’t be happier, let’s go Malik!!!


Hell yeah, that’s a great spot for him