Notre Dame Live Thread/Preview

I mean he clearly stated “daytime weekday”

Gotta hit that overnight slot @Merch When all they do is show the PSA’s because they don’t have advertisers.

Of players with at least 43 3PA and 17 FTA…

His NBA takes are pretty loaded / circle-jerkery.

But I guess fills a niche for those that only watch or care about UVA basketball.

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How’s the saying go? There’s lies, dirty damned lies, and statistics…

Statistics that objectively highlight information or trends that we might not have otherwise seen are interesting. He does put out some information I found interesting. But most of them have so many qualifiers and are so incredibly slanted toward UVA that even this UVA grad finds them silly. He’s had a beef with Gonzaga and the WCC that eventually drifted into the bizarre.

I also question his standing with the sports gods. Every time he carries on about a UVA sports team or a player, there seems to be some setback or career low that follows. Like a corollary to the announcer jinx. Don’t mess with the sports gods.


His counterpart at VPISU is @OX_VT on Twitter. Some of his VT statistics border on scandalous. HAHA!

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OX is the biggest clown on Twitter imo. 40+ year old dude who spends hours a day on UVA boards


@Jerome I guess you’ve never read anything from Leader Johnson then.

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