Off season mental health safe space thread

Gonna be a rough week and other threads, forums, twitter, and websites will be full of discourse ranging from valid criticisms that do hopefully lead to lessons learned to more hyperbole to psychoanalysis to doom and gloom.

This thread is the safe space from all of that. And also if you want to talk about your mental health or how you are doing during these crazy times.

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On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you say you are doing mental health wise?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Do you have a strong self-care plan or strong set of hobbies outside of sports that helps to take your mind off of things?

  • Yes
  • No

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Calming Fred Rodgers video


Doing great. Going to Mexico City tomorrow with some good pals. Let’s rock.

Is the 5 good or bad on your scale?


Aww shit I forgot to clarify. 5 is better, 1 is not so great.

I am doing great mental health wise because thankfully I learned long ago to not let sports get tied up in that. It’s a fun outlet and this news just means I’ll get more time to chase rumors and intel with the rest of my buddies here


LOL, was wondering the same thing. Plus, you know, maybe like “1 is super down and depressed, but 5 is over wound-up and manic, so the optimal state is actually a nice, balanced 3.” So, I actually did almost answer “3” for that reason.

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Random videos to provide some stress free entertainment?

This. Sports is a hobby and it’s fun to be passionate about one’s hobbies/teams, but in no way to does this bleed over (all that far) into family/work/real stuff. As bad as it gets is Furman, put myself in a 30min timeout in the basement and then I was good.


Not to diminish mental health (i have 2 therapist i see weekly) but if you’re suffering from the Traudt decision it’s time for a long talk with a professional.

I’m happy to jump on a call and make referrals.

It’s just a game your livelihood is not tied up in this and neither should your happiness.


I think this thread is for stuff in general. It’s a crazy time in the world and a lot of people do use sports as a coping means and it’s not just the traudt stuff but I assume people will also be bummed with the Kadin news that will break later and also Armaan’s announcement to either transfer or just go pro.

Absolutely there is a lot more to the world than sports, but for some who have lost a lot over the last few years they may have involuntarily attached their well being to their favorite sports team.

But I do appreciate the post LOL ( I never get bummed more than like 10 minutes after anything bad, even UMBC. I did wallow for a week after the Grayson Allen 4 step fiasco… aw man Im breaking my own rule with negativity in this thread.) .


Great perspective and I appreciate it and the space.

My offer still stands to anyone who is feeling any kind of way. Happy to talk or more importantly listen and help find a path forward. Doubtful anyone will tell me anything that will make me shocked or change the way I feel about them or providing help.


Lamar Jackson entered the transfer portal


Tired teacher very much looking forward to spring break finally starting on Friday. Rare year where my students may need it more than I do— zero snow days (not even a delay!) has added up to a very long stretch since winter break.