Official Following UVa's Transfers Out (stats optional)

Do we get BVP if Igor had stayed?


I think so. We’ve only got 12 recruited players on scholarship and Igor wouldn’t have scared BVP away.

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Yeah, and got an SVP shoutout on SC last night.


I agree…although for *today I’m chuckling at it, but otherwise at 12:00am we should shut it down… Oh and by the way watch him play today against whomever UNC is playing and score 10 points.


I agree too, although I’d be fine just changing the title of the thread to Transfer Updates or something to that effect versus shutting it down. Then post about any of the transfers (as some already have done) and not only about Justin’s lack of playing time.


@mac9r has provided us with some useful stats of recent transfers out.


It’s not hurting him…and its fun. I have to admit I look through box scores to see what our former players are doing and have been astonished that even in UNC blowouts he hasn’t sniffed the court! Sucks for him!


He was so inspired by being coached by Williford, he wanted to do the player version of Jason Williford and just clap for 40 minutes straight.

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I would venture McKoys main mistake was to decommit from Penn State in the first place… probably shouldn’t have come to UVA… if it’s strictly basketball we’re talking about


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It’s sort of weird to point out all the guys that transferred and aren’t succeeding.

It’s like, see! Those guys we recruited and were excited about every offseason actually were never good!

I’m happy for the success we’ve had this year. But man we haven’t had an impact freshman in a minute. Hitting on one recruit per class isn’t great either.


We are #3 in the country with 2 top 70 recruits redshirting and another 2 coming in next year…


This is officially the most attention Justin has gotten all season


I think you missed the part where I said I’m happy with the success this season. Would be crazy not to be.

But that success isn’t due to HS recruiting. It’s more due to experience and some shrewd transfers. It’s one way to win in this day and age.

But I think you can still be critical of HS recruiting/development/evaluation because it hasn’t been great as of late. Rankings don’t mean shit when the production isn’t there (Top 100 recruits: Jabri, Taine, Igor, Casey; Top 150 recruit: Carson).

Jury out on 2022 still. I think they can be good though. Need them to be good.

One could argue that Justin was developing at UVA and Igor would have. It’s a process that some don’t have the patience and persistence to succeed. It’s so much easier to take the path towards instant gratification. However, it’s hard to argue with those who have committed to the process!


He’s doing better than the rest but he wasn’t a reliable piece last year for a competitive team. And honestly not sure he has much of a role on this current team either

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At least all 8 minutes have been at the 3.


Lol Taine is really grateful he stuck around. As was Carson for that extra year.

I think they just were not that good. And poor evals.


And I’m glad Casey is doing great. Seems to have finally gotten his confidence. That system seems to fit him better. Averaging almost 15 pts/gm. Good for him and wish him continued success. Similar to the Shayok transfer in my opinion.

Edit: But for at least one game I do hope Kihei and/or Armaan and/or Isaac lock him up… as I’m guessing Reece will be guarding Terquavion Smith.


I think the difference was that Shayok was good offensively from Day 1. He just needed a starter’s role.